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59357Re: yard sales, great for parts.

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  • John A. deVries II
    May 2, 2009
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      --- In beam@yahoogroups.com, "jabmechtech" <jabmechtech@...> wrote:

      > I just picked up a Robosapien, ... for $2.00.
      > jab.

      Both depressing and rather heartening. A Robosapien AND another toy is only worth $2.00 - only. But then, given what jabmechtech sez, it is definitely time to start looking for such sales in earnest so as to be able to scavenge some quite excellent parts. And you don't even have to go dumpster-diving.

      One thing is evident however: Tilden was absolutely right when he said that a toy (one might substitute "robot") that uses a lot of batteries will be played with until those batteries croak and then it'll end up in the closet.

      Of course, having a Robosapien in the closet with dead batteries beginning to leak and corrode everything the gunk touches is a rather sad thought. Not everyone takes batteries out - either dead or live - if they aren't going to use a device for a long time. I've finally started the practice of doing so. I really don't _like_ that sour odor when I open the battery case door.

      In any case (he wrote, in his best heretic mode), it kind of goes to show you that Mark simply hasn't been doing BEAM since he went off to be a toymaker. And I remember him being incensed (~1996) at my mentioning that his gold-and-black board devices would be worth a pretty penny on the art market in Santa Fe. He claimed that doing so would then make it impossible for him to make BEAM considered a "respectable" field of research or some such stuff.

      Oh well...

      As I continually repeat, "respectable research" continues on in this mailing list unflaggingly.
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