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56935Re: Headbot circuit for IR

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  • joshuagalloway73
    Nov 4, 2007
      I was going to use the guts from an old computer mouse to encode the
      position of the head bot.

      --- In beam@yahoogroups.com, "Joseph Charles" <jodicalhon@...> wrote:
      > Sorry, Joshua, I don't know of any ready-made solutions.
      > If I follow you correctly, you will have two sets of band-pass
      > filters in your head, one tuned to each frequency, and a 1 of 2 mux.
      > First find the 2.kHz signal, note the heading, mux in the other
      > filter, find the 4kHz signal, note the heading, and calculate your
      > position.
      > Sort of like having two heads, each tuned to a separate frequency.
      > I still think that Wilf's idea of amplitude modulating the
      > beacons is your best bet. You could try FM as an alternative.
      > Whatever you use for a detector will have a minimum threshold that
      > must be overcome before it triggers and, all things being equal,
      > the closest sensor will trigger first and its output will have the
      > highest duty cycle, thus allowing the head to home in on the source.
      > I suppose the trick is keeping the trigger levels of both 'eyes' equal.
      > Good luck, it sounds like a nice project.
      > What will you use to encode the position of the headbot?
      > Cheers,
      > Jo
      > --- In beam@yahoogroups.com, "joshuagalloway73" <joshuagalloway73@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Thank you for your help Joseph. The sources I'm trying to follow
      > are modulated--one at 2.5kHz, and another at 4kHz, both (+/-)5% square
      > waves. I'm hoping to encode the position of the headbot to
      allow for
      > > triangulation of the two beacons and subsequently, positional feedback
      > > for my robot. I know I will have to build a couple of band pass
      > > filters for the detectors. Mostly, I was just wondering if someone had
      > > already done the work for me. If there is a schematic for an ir
      > > headbot I could just slap some active filters on, I would love to
      > see > it.
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