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4405RE: [beam] Re: (BEAM) bots that live in trees?

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  • Wilf Rigter
    Jul 24, 2000
      What a briliant burst of ideas, injecting memes into projects for years to
      come, and very pleasant mind candy too. I'll have to re-read the whole
      thread to make sure I didn't miss anything.

      enjoying this


      From: Justin Fisher
      To: beam@egroups.com
      Sent: 7/23/00 10:59:34 PM
      Subject: [beam] Re: (BEAM) bots that live in trees?

      Hiya Bill.


      Anyway, some ideas. These are early thoughts (ie that's a disclaimer
      that says "I reserve the right to be stupid, but I might have some
      better ideas later on..." :-)

      First of all, a possible conceptual addition/spin on the artwork. You
      said they are going to be there for as long as possible - how about a
      primary design influence being that the bots are made such that they
      are likely to be incorporated into the local ecosystem in some way

      ---8<--- (snipped)
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