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4352RE: [beam] Pummer (sp?)

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  • Wilf Rigter
    Jul 23, 2000
      Hi Spencer,

      1.) The arrow and socket symbols indicate a connector: I want to emphasize
      that the 2V regulator can be a module that is "plugged" into other circuits
      (ie bicore/microcore) and that the powersaver flasher is just one of those
      circuits. This modular (beam blox?) approach that allows you to quickly test
      out various combinations of circuit blocks.

      2.)Yup, I guess I didn't explain it very well but only 1 of 6 typical
      flashers is shown and the other 5 inverters can be used the same way but I
      suggest using different resistor/capacitor values to get random flashing

      You can also use the 2 volt regulator with a 9V battery or 3V Lithium Coin
      to test and adjust the flasher circuits which absolutely need a 2V supply.

      The main reason for using 2V for HC circuits is that their internal power
      requirements drop waaay down compared to using 6V for example. That is why
      the flasher operates for such a long time with the regulator powered from a
      1F cap solar charged to 5V. Of course, adding more LEDs will reduce the
      time, let us know the results!



      BUDSCOTT@... wrote:

      I've got a question about this D1_Reg_Flasher circuit. Actually two.
      1.) What are the slashes in the "powersaver 2v flasher" all about? Those
      aren't caps are they?

      2.) I'm assuming that you can add more than one "powersaver 2v flasher"
      circuit to this pummer, so you don't waste a bunch of gates. How would you
      do this? Any special way?

      Thank you a ton Wilf, it looks like a fun circuit to try!


      In a message dated 7/22/00 5:50:03 PM Central Daylight Time,
      Wilf.Rigter@... writes:

      Hello HF,

      Attached find the D1_Reg_Flasher (pummer) circuit
      Up to 6 LEDs can be used but use different resistor values to avoid
      phase locking.

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