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4351Re: [beam] Pummer (sp?)

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  • BUDSCOTT@aol.com
    Jul 23, 2000
      In a message dated 7/22/00 5:50:03 PM Central Daylight Time,
      Wilf.Rigter@... writes:

      << Hello HF,

      Attached find the D1_Reg_Flasher (pummer) circuit which I build a few months
      ago. After a sunny day, it happily flashes one LED about once per second,
      dusk to dawn (8Hrs). The solar cell is a Sunceram BP 373334, courtesy
      Solarbotics, which charges the 1F memory cap (high internal resistance no
      object). The brightness is uniform throughout night. Unused inverter inputs
      must be grounded. Up to 6 LEDs can be used but use different resistor values
      to avoid phase locking. Fine tuning one or two frequencies with pots can
      lead to interesting random or long period patterns.



      I've got a question about this D1_Reg_Flasher circuit. Actually two.
      1.) What are the slashes in the "powersaver 2v flasher" all about? Those
      aren't caps are they?

      2.) I'm assuming that you can add more than one "powersaver 2v flasher"
      circuit to this pummer, so you don't waste a bunch of gates. How would you do
      this? Any special way?

      Thank you a ton Wilf, it looks like a fun circuit to try!



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      not a college major
      not a grad student
      not a professor
      not a very organized person
      just Spencer (isn't that impressive enough?)

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