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4332RE: [beam] Pummer (sp?)

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  • Wilf Rigter
    Jul 22, 2000
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      Hello HF,

      Attached find the D1_Reg_Flasher (pummer) circuit which I build a few months
      ago. After a sunny day, it happily flashes one LED about once per second,
      dusk to dawn (8Hrs). The solar cell is a Sunceram BP 373334, courtesy
      Solarbotics, which charges the 1F memory cap (high internal resistance no
      object). The brightness is uniform throughout night. Unused inverter inputs
      must be grounded. Up to 6 LEDs can be used but use different resistor values
      to avoid phase locking. Fine tuning one or two frequencies with pots can
      lead to interesting random or long period patterns.




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      > Would someone kindly point me to a schematic (circuit diagram) for a
      > pummer? Thanks!
      > Yr Kindly HF.
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