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41840Re: [beam] Re: Where does one get started?

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  • isaac id
    Mar 2, 2004
      the junkbots book is great, but you must visit the bug fixes at junkbots.solarbotics.com... there are a lot of small errors which snuck into the pics.
      while you are waiting for the book, they have a sample chapter posted on the same site on how to make a turbot... give that a try.
      good luck building

      "Jeffrey D. Shaffer" <jds@...-gu.ac.jp> wrote:
      Thanks, everyone, for the useful information! Wow. Lots of books to begin with! I had
      also been recommended "Mobile Robots" although that book seems to be a bit more
      complex. I'll definitely look into getting the "junkbots" book as everyone seems to
      give it high marks, here and elsewhere.

      Thank you again, and thank you for welcoming me to the group. I'll probably lurk for
      a while, though I hope to become more active as time goes on.



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