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41809Re: Where does one get started?

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  • Mike Scharf
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Hi Jeffrey!
      Welcome to BEAM Robotics! This is an excellent starting point in your
      adventures. BEAM Robotics is a wonderfully simple approach to robotics
      which I have found to be perfectly suited to my abilities. If you'd
      like to learn about how you can get started, go to:

      http://www.solarbotics.net - Library of information
      http://www.solarbotics.com - Supplier of parts

      This should be enough to get the ball rolling! Solarbotics has an
      awesome library of all things BEAM. Also check out my site ;)


      Good Luck and Welcome Aboard!

      Mike Scharf

      --- In beam@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey D. Shaffer" <jds@u...> wrote:
      > Hello all, new member here. I hate to be one to ask such a general
      question, but
      > being new to robotics, where should I begin? What should I read?
      What should I study?
      > What projects should I try?
      > Again, sorry for the generalities. If I knew enough to ask an
      intelligent question, I
      > probably wouldn't need to ask it! :-D
      > Cheers, and thank you.
      > Jeffrey D. Shaffer
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