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38287Re: Fw: Important Yahoo! Groups Service Changes

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  • duck04_1999
    Aug 6, 2003
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      yea dave i can. just drop me a line here or at my email. when u have
      it done. preferablely my email cause i dun get a chance to read thru
      messages here often. my email is: duck04_1999@... Thanks dave.


      Webmaster of: Http://www.duckrobotics.com/

      --- In beam@yahoogroups.com, Dave Hrynkiw <sbcrap@s...> wrote:
      > At 03:07 PM 05/08/2003, duck04_1999 wrote:
      > >So Dave how much exactly of the beam group archive do you have????
      > Ummm... it's pretty comprehensive. I'm fairly confident in saying
      it has to
      > be at least 95%. That's excluding the alt-beam and other fringe
      beam lists.
      > >Do you have everything up till now??? Also the Archive you have of
      > >the group is it on the solarbotics.net site somewhere?? Cause i'd
      > >like to get a copy from some body to put on my site for future
      > >reference. Thats if no one minds.
      > I'll have to get Darcy to munge it together, as he has to process
      it so it
      > pulls all my attachments out of my regular email software. Can you
      > tough for now?
      > -Dave
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------
      > "Um, no - that's H,R,Y,N,K,I,W. No, not K,I,U,U, K,I,_W_. Yes,
      > that's right. Yes, I know it looks like "HOCKYRINK." Yup, only
      > 2 vowels. Pronounciation? _SMITH_".
      > http://www.solarbotics.com
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