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37572Re: [beam] propeller shaft tutorial

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  • luciano bernardi
    Jul 1, 2003
      > --- Jim Mullins <botart@...> wrote:
      >> Hey Luciano,
      >> I saw your micro stuffing box idea and thought it was great! Very
      >> neat and sturdy looking design. I meant to reply, but lost track. You
      >> can make homemade props that are any size and weight you like. The
      >> idea is to get a small, thin, piece of brass sheeting (or aluminum to
      >> save weight) and cut out a circle around the size of a dime or so.
      >> Drill a small hole in the center so you can attach a small plastic
      >> tube with a screw. Then, take a marker and draw three or four curving
      >> lines from the outer edge to the center. Cut these lines with a set
      >> of snips or sheers and curve the leading edge of the sections you
      >> just created uppwards. Exactly the same as making a paper pinwheel.
      >> You can see examples of this technique on my website under Fairbots.
      >> The best thing about making your own props is you can adjust the
      >> angle of attack on the blades to suit your application. You can make
      >> them exactly the size you need, and they cost almost nothing.
      >> See ya,

      many thanks. See some pictures of my experimental bot in my folder. I think
      I will try your idea and substitute the prop in this or in a similar
      bot...and perhaps make a race. I will let you know what happens.
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