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35439Re: [beam] SPSH with inverted 1381 SE

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  • Mike Robertson
    Apr 6, 2003
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      well needness to say the SPSH i built works well...i get about 10 to 15
      degress of rotation per shot but now the disappointment....yet again i've
      freeformed the circuit modeled directly from the breadboard and the thing
      dont work right.... i get tiny twitches.
      I've compared every connection to the breadboard version at least 8 times
      and there are no mistakes and no shorts all components are the same value as
      the breadboard.

      i dont want to add this one to the pile of about 15 other freeformed
      circuits i've built that dont work...come to think of it every freeform i've
      done has failed to work properly or at all


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