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34188Re: [beam] H_Bridge

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  • Bruce Robinson
    Mar 1, 2003
      Dwayne Reid wrote:
      > ... I got to thinking (always a dangerous thing!)
      > and realized that one probably does not need (or
      > want) an electronic braking mode when driving the
      > motors. ...

      Not necessarily, Dwayne.

      I had to use electronic braking on Hider (a relatively fast wheeled
      robot). It turned by stopping or slowing one wheel; without the braking
      it made very wide turns that ruined it's ability to maneuver. On a
      partially built walker with high-efficiency gearmotors, I've had to use
      braking to prevent it from sinking down on it's legs when a leg motor is

      These conditions are highly variable and will not apply in many cases.
      I'd suggest keeping your options open when you design a driver, just in

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