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34186Re: [beam] H_Bridge

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  • Dwayne Reid
    Mar 1 1:46 PM
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      I just made a post regarding using relays as the high side switching
      element for an H-bridge. I got to thinking (always a dangerous thing!) and
      realized that one probably does not need (or want) an electronic braking
      mode when driving the motors. If this is the case, one could use a single
      SPDT relay for the HI-side with 2- LO-side FETs. Further - if you made it
      so that the relaxed position of the relay was forward, the relay would
      consume power only while in reverse mode.

      The obvious extension to this is to go back to Brett Paulin's suggestion of
      a single DPDT relay with a single LO-side FET switch. If one takes care to
      change the relay position only while the FET was off, a tiny DPDT DIP relay
      would probably work just fine.


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