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322RE: [beam] RE: D1 Solar Regulator was Re: Need help with the SIMD 1

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  • Wilf Rigter
    Apr 28 11:00 AM
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      You can use this Low Drop Out (LDO) linear regulator for various
      applications but like all linear regulators it is "lossy". This is not a
      problem for controlling LEDs since they would otherwise use "lossy"
      resistors but for motors it is a different story. However help is on the
      way, since a PWM version of this regulator can be used to control motor
      speed with relatively high efficiency. Give me some specifics and I will
      tailor it to your spec.



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      > Subject: [beam] RE: D1 Solar Regulator was Re: Need help with the
      > SIMD1
      > Very nice circuit!
      > I'm actually most interested in using the regulator in non-D1 (eg
      > traditional SE) style bots to achieve a more consistent performance during
      > the active period (not to mention lengthening that period somewhat).
      > Rather than plough ahead and make a normal-SE variant, I thought I'd first
      > check with you in case you already intend to design such a variant (in
      > which case I'd be much better off spending the time working on other stuff
      > and waiting for your version :-)
      > This circuit also delivers into my lap an excellent solution to something
      > that's been bugging me. There are so many uses for a BEAM-friendly
      > regulator. Great work.
      > Seeya,
      > Justin
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