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22471Re: I made a promise, and I have kept it.

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  • graybeard2ca
    Feb 5 1:29 PM
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      --- In beam@y..., Jesse Willis <jewillis@v...> wrote:
      You didn't say, but I assume that one plunks the stamped PCB into
      etchant as usual?
      How do you mark the circuit on the eraser--just draw it with pen?
      Use the press-on stencils then carve around them?
      Saggi wants your creative applications for bots. I like the venetian-
      blind opening thing. How about a rotating flowerpot so my plants
      always face the sun?

      > Bear in mind, this is intended to be used for making many many
      copies of a
      > PCB, for experimentation or other usage
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