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2RE: efficient launcher?Magnetic acceleration?

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  • Phillip A. Ryals
    Apr 21, 2000
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      hmm, this is interesting.. I'm wondering if you could actually get enough
      force from a beam circuit though. Seems like it would take an awful lot of
      amperage to energize the coils effectively. Then to have to energize one
      after another... Maybe I'm not completely getting it?

      I still think using a spring would be the best way. Call me old-fashioned.


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      I think magnetic acceleration is the easiest way to do this. This is just a
      shaft with a number of coils around it. The first triggers, pulling the hook
      in the shaft up, when the hook is at the coil, the next one triggers , etc.,

      Nasa must have something about it on its site, since this is a researched
      alternative for launching.
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