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REMINDER: First Dibs Sale at Be Dazzled, Fri 8/4 and Sat 8/5

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    REMINDER NOTICE: FIRST DIBS SALE Don t Miss It!!! Friday, 8/4/06, 10am-6pm and Saturday, 8/5/06, 10am-6pm At: Be Dazzled Beads 718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006

      Don't Miss It!!!
      Friday, 8/4/06, 10am-6pm and Saturday, 8/5/06, 10am-6pm

      Be Dazzled Beads
      718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
      Nashville, TN 37204

      Our next: FIRST DIBS SALE. Don't Miss It!!!!!
      Get merchandise at wholesale prices before we begin to price,
      merchandise and store it!

      HIGHLIGHTS (see full list of items below):

      Gemstone Chip Beads (most priced $2.65 to $2.80 per 36" strand):
      African jade, African green jasper, African turquoise, amazonite,
      American picture jasper, amethyst A, autumn jasper, aventurine,
      black stone, blue lace agate, Botswana agate, brazil sodalite,
      carnelian B, Chinese turquoise, dalmation jasper, fancy jasper,
      flower jasper, garnet, goldstone, green opal, green rutilated
      quartz, honey agate, lapis nevada, lepidolite, mahogany obsidian,
      moukaite, multi-moonstone, new jade, ocean jasper, peridot, purple
      jade, red jade, red tiger eye, rhodonite, rock quartz crystal, rose
      quartz, Russian amazonite, ryolite, silver leaf, sodalite, synthetic
      opal, yellow turquoise

      African Green Jasper (priced $5.25 to $13.65 per 16" strand): 4mm
      round, 6mm round, 4x6mm oval, 30x40mm faceted abstract pieces,
      20x30mm pillow

      Pink Opal (priced $8.75 to $12.50 per 16" strand): 8x12mm puff flat
      oval, 13x18mm flat oval, 8mm puff square, 10mm puff coin, 8mm puff
      coin, 10x14mm thin pillow

      Purple Crazy Lace Agate (priced $7.50 per 16" strand): 8x12mm flat
      oval, 12mm puff coin

      gold filled figure 8 chain, 5.9mm, $0.50/inch
      30x22mm black onyx cabochon, $2.25 ea
      40x30mm black onyx cabochon, $3.00 ea
      badge clips - $0.27 ea
      shower curtain clips in nickel, black oxidized or gold finish --
      $0.20 ea
      carved dragon hook/eye clasps (apprx 58mm) in lapis, spicy jasper,
      rhodonite and black onyx -- $10.00-23.00/set

      Get a lot of beads at or near their original wholesale cost!

      Usually when we order gemstones and pearls, and sometimes when we
      order Czech glass, we have to order by containers. We have a
      general idea of what we will be getting, but not a full idea.
      That's because when we order this way, all we do is provide the
      suppliers with a wish list, and we get what we get. This usually
      means we also get a lot more of some items than we can move in a
      short time. We have to prepare the merchandise for resale and we
      have to store much of it. These kinds of things add to our "cost",
      and get reflected in the final prices. So here's your chance to get
      a jump start on the merchandise before it gets priced.

      We thought we'd try to turn a lot of this inventory back into cash,
      and go get some more merchandise. How about that!

      So, when we announce a FIRST DIBS SALE, be prepared to take
      advantage of buying these items at or near our cost.

      No rainchecks. No other store discounts apply. If you have a
      wholesale number, we waive the sales tax on these items, but don't
      extend an additional wholesale discount. The FIRST DIBS SALE
      prices only apply to the new, unpriced, un-repackaged merchandise
      that's come in – not to any existing stock already on the walls or
      in the trays. No on-line orders – just a First Dibs Sale at the

      NOTE: Most of these beads come tied up into bundles or masses, so
      you'll need to work with a staff person to separate the strands from
      the bundles/masses for the items you want.

      List of sale items:

      Purple Crazy Lace (apprx 16" strands)
      8x12mm flat oval, $7.50
      12mm Puff Coin, $10.50

      African Green Jasper (apprx 16" strands)
      4mm round, $5.25
      6mm round, $6.25
      4x6mm Oval, $6.25
      30x40mm faceted, $13.65
      20x30mm flat rectangle pillow, $15.50

      Pink Opal (apprx 16" strands)
      8x12mm puff flat oval, $8.75
      13x18mm flat oval, $12.50
      8mm puff square, $8.75
      10mm puff coin, $10.00
      8mm puff coin, $8.75
      10x14mm thin pillow, $10.00

      Purple Moss (apprx 16" strands)
      15x20mm flat oval, $13.50
      14mm Puff Square, $10.50

      Gold Filled Figure 8 Chain, 5.9mm, $0.50/inch
      30x22mm Black Onyx Cabochon, $2.25 ea
      40x30mm Black Onyx Cabochon, $3.00 ea
      Badge Clips - $0.27 each
      Shower Curtain Clips in Nickel, Black Oxidized or Gold finish --
      $0.20 ea
      Rhodonite Carved Dragon Hook/Eye Clasp, $10.00/set
      Spicy Jasper Carved Dragon Hook/Eye Clasp, $10.00/set
      Black Onyx Carved Dragon Hook/Eye Clasp, $10.00/set
      Lapis Carved Dragon Hook/Eye Clasp, $23.00/set

      Gemstone Chip Strands (apprx 34-36")
      African Green Jasper, $2.65
      African Jade, $2.65
      African Turquoise, $2.80
      Amazonite, $2.80
      American Picture Jasper, $2.80
      Amethyst A, $2.80
      Autumn Jasper, $2.65
      Aventurine (Green), $2.65
      Black Obsidian, $2.65
      Black Stone, $2.65
      Blue Lace Agate, $2.80
      Botswana Agate, $2.65
      Brazil Sodalite, $2.80
      Carnelian B, $2.80
      Chinese Turquoise, $6.50
      Dalmation Jasper, $2.80
      Fancy Jasper, $2.65
      Flower Jasper, $2.80
      Garnet, $2.65
      Goldstone (Brown), $2.80
      Green Opal, $2.80
      Green Rutilated Quartz, 3.20
      Honey Agate, $2.65
      Lapis Nevada, $2.80
      Lepidolite, $2.80
      Mahagony Obsidian, $2.65
      Moukaite, $2.80
      Multi-Moonstone, $2.80
      New Jade, $2.80
      Ocean Jasper, $2.65
      Peridot, $4.50
      Purple Jade, $2.80
      Red Jade, $2.80
      Red Tigereye, $2.80
      Rhodonite, $2.80
      Rock Quartz Crystal, $2.80
      Rose Quartz, $2.80
      Russian Amazonite, $2.80
      Ryolite, $2.80
      Silver Leaf, $2.80
      Sodalite, $2.65
      Synthetic Opal (Sea Opal), $2.65
      Yellow Turquoise, $2.80
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