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1105TUXEDO PARK BANGLE BRACELET - Bead Weaving Workshop, 6/29/13

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  • oddsshop
    Jun 7, 2013
      CBJA Curriculum - Workshops Center for Beadwork &  Jewelry Arts:  Workshops



      Warren Feld



      Saturday June 29th,
      (with a break for lunch)



      Held at
      Be Dazzled Beads
      718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
      Nashville, TN 37204


      FEES: $35.00 plus supplies
      [Optional Kits available for purchase from instructor.
      Black/White, $33.00
      Chartreuse/Cobalt, $28.00
      Gold/Bronze, $46.00
      Raspy Khaki, $40.00



      The instructional fee does not cover the cost of supplies.

      You may register in person at Be Dazzled Beads, or by phone with a credit card (615-292-0610), or by mail with a check to 718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123, Nashville, TN 37204


      limited to 12 registrants


      registration by
      June 22nd, 2013





















      718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123
      Nashville, Tennessee 37204
      PHONE:  615-292-0610
      FAX:   615-292-0610


      Location, Lodging,
      Access by Car, Plane





      Center For Beadwork & Jewelry Arts - beadworking and jewelry-making classes

      Be Dazzled Beads and The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts in Nashvile, Tennessee


      Warren Feld
      June 29th, 2013
      10am-3pm (with break for lunch)

      Tuxedo Park Bangle Bracelet


      Tuxedo Park Bangle Bracelet
      Guest Instructor:  Warren Feld

      Strut your stuff through Tuxedo Park on the East Side of Lower Manhattan! Learn how much shaping, interest and dimensionality you can achieve with the simple, basic Brick Stitch.

      1 Day
      Saturday, June 29th, 2013, 10am-3pm
      (with a break for lunch)
      FEES: $35.00 plus supplies
      [Optional Kit available for puchase from instructor.
      Black/White, $33.00
      Chartreuse/Cobalt, $28.00
      Gold/Bronze, $46.00
      Raspy Khaki, $40.00


      The Brick Stitch is historically is found in several cultures, but it is most associated with Native American beadwork. The Brick Stitch is where beads are woven and locked into place by snagging the thread loops between them. As you add a new bead, you snag the thread loop to pull the already completed rows up to the bead. The resultant look is like a brick wall.

      For the Tuxedo Park Bracelet project we are doing here, I wanted to make a woman's bangle bracelet, about 7" long and about 3/4" wide, and which had a comfortable, somewhat loose fit on the wrist. I visualized a bracelet that would have a Chanel styling to it, with a limited 2-color palette, and a strong line or outlining in the design.

      This is a project for beginners/advanced beginners, so I wanted to start with doing the stitch flat. But I also wanted to show some versatility to the stitch, so in the course of making our 4 links, we vary the sizes of the beads, the number of beads per row, and whether we increase or decrease. We embellish the surface and edges in a way to create a sense of a continuous line.

      Most versions of this bracelet use only 2 colors. In some versions, I use contrasting colors; in others, matching or coordinating colors. Because I use one of the colors to establish a very strong sense of "line" throughout the piece, more than 2 colors often makes the piece look too busy or awkward -- too much competing with that "line" which one of strongest design elements of the piece.


      What Techniques Students Need To Know Before The Workshop

      The skill level required: Beginner/Advanced Beginner. The student must be comfortable using needle and thread.


      Supplies List

      You can purchase an optional kit, available in four different color palettes.

      COLOR A: 10/0 delica bead (15 grams)
      COLOR B: 11/0 delica bead (same color as A) (1 gram)
      COLOR C: 10/0 delica bead (constrasting color to A) (3 grams)
      COLOR D: 2mm round fire polish beads (same or similar color to C) (72 beads)
      COLOR E: 5mm lochrosen, Swarovski series 2128 (same or similar color to C) (6 each)
      COLOR F: 15/0 seed bead, (same or similar color to C) (.3 grams)
      Beading Thread (color matching A) (nymo, c-lon or One-G; do NOT use FireLine or other cable thread) (1 bobbin)
      Beading Thead (color matching F) (nymo, c-lon or One-G; do NOT use FireLine or other cable thread) (1 bobbin)
      Microcrystalline Wax or Bees Wax
      Worksurface, ruler, scissors
      Lighting and Chair Cushion, as needed


      Additional workshop information found here.


      Black/White, $33.00

      Chartreuse/Cobalt, $28.00

      Gold/Bronze, $46.00

      Raspy Khaki, $40.00


      About Warren Feld

      Artist's Statement:

      Jewelry Designer

      Director, Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts and www.LearnToBead.net

      For Warren Feld, Jewelry Designer, beading and jewelry making endeavors have been wonderful adventures. These adventures, over the past 25 years, have taken Warren from the basics of bead stringing and bead weaving, to wire working and silver smithing, and onward to more complex jewelry designs which build on the strengths of a full range of technical skills and experiences.

      He, along with his partner Jayden Alfre Jones, opened a small bead shop in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, about 20 years ago, and called it Land of Odds. Over time, Land of Odds evolved from a bricks and mortar store into a successful internet business --www.landofodds.com . In the late 1990s, James and Warren opened up another bricks and mortar bead store -- Be Dazzled Beads -- in a trendy neighborhood of Nashville called Berry Hill. Together both businesses supply beaders and jewelry artists with all the supplies and parts they need to make beautiful pieces of wearable art.

      In 2000, Warren founded The Center For Beadwork & Jewelry Arts (CBJA) -- www.landofodds.com/beadschool . CBJA is an educational program, associated with Be Dazzled Beads in Nashville, for beaders and jewelry makers. The program approaches education from a Design Perspective. There is a strong focus here on skills development. There are requirements for sequencing the student's classes; that is, taking classes in a developmental order. There is a major emphasis on teaching how to make better choices when selecting beads, other parts and stringing materials, and how to bring these altogether into a beautiful, yet functional piece of jewelry.

      With Warren's direction, CBJA in conjunction with Land of Odds, sponsors three international contests:
      The Ugly Necklace Contest -- A Jewelry Design Competition with a Twist!
      All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
      The Illustrative Beader: Beaded Tapestry Competition
      Upcoming programs of CBJA: www.LearnToBead.net, a work now in progress, is our recent effort to extend our CBJA philosphy and successes to a broader audience on-line Jewelry Design Camp is another planned program, offering intensive 1-week long thematic sessions on some aspect of jewelry design theory and application.

      Warren's commitment and concern for the "teaching of beadwork" resulted from watching and talking, over the years, with customers in the shop, who had taken classes elsewhere, or tried to teach themselves from books. These beaders were not buying parts or using parts to their best advantage. It was obvious that many people had taken classes, but that they weren't necessarily learning something -- at least not learning something that would stick with them, and that they could comfortably apply in other situations. They were memorizing steps, rather than integrating organized processes of thinking, thus designing.

      Warren leads a group of instructors at CBJA. He teaches many of the bead-stringing, jewelry design as well as business-oriented courses in the CBJA curriculum. He works with people just getting started with beading and jewelry making, as well as with the program's advanced bead study groups. These groups meet bi-weekly to learn, try out and experiment with beading techniques, sometimes exploring issues cross-culturally, and othertimes, examining the works of particular bead- or jewelry artists over the course of their design careers.

      Bead Weaving
      Bead Stringing
      Design Theory
      Business of Craft
      Contemporizing Traditional Jewelry
      Vintage Revival Styles
      Art vs. Craft Jewelry Design Applications

      WARREN SELECTED AS FINALIST , 4th place, for "Canyon Sunrise", SWAROVSKI’s Be Naturally Inspired Design Contest 2008


      " Little Tapestries/Ghindia" â€" was juried into the book SHOWCASE 500 BEADED JEWELRY, Lark Publications. August 2012, listed on Amazon.com at http://amzn.to/z6tZH2 .


      - ~ - ~ - ~ -

      Instructor, CraftArtEdu.com

      CraftArtEdu is a truly unique
      online craft and fine art e-learning community

      - ~ - ~ - ~ -

      Member, Nashville Fashion Group

      Visit his blog Learn To Bead...At Land of Odds.

      Join his Facebook Jewelry Design Discussion Group

      Location, Lodging,
      Access by Car, Plane