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73157RE: [beachcats] Bimare F18HT Mainsail Reefing + Boomless + Building Questions

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  • David
    Apr 23 10:51 AM
      Jay Glaser has experience building appropriate hi wind sails for cats.  If you put an outboard on it, the smallest, lightest one you can find will serve you best.  Also consider elevating the rear beam, which is done on a lot of these boats to minimize rear beam slamming in chop.  I have a motto mt design that allows the motor to pull up nearly horizontal.


      From: jameslooby@...
      To: beachcats@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 06:15:32 -0700
      Subject: [beachcats] Bimare F18HT Mainsail Reefing + Boomless + Building Questions


      Hi all,

      Just sold my Farrier F25C and am buying a Bimare F18HT to hold me over...

      Is it possible to reef a Bimare F18HT for solo sailing?  

      If not, any advice on building a sail with 20% less area?

      Has anyone ever gone boomless on the F18HT

      Thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer.


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