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73155Bimare F-18HT Reefing

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  • jglooby
    Apr 15, 2014
      Hi all,

      1st post here.  I am a solo F25C sailor (previous F-24 Mk1, Hobie 18 SX, Hobie 18, Hobie 16).  I am looking at Bimare F-18HT and the question is can you reef the F18HT as for the life of me I cannot get detailed closeup images of the mast or F18HT manual to assess for myself.  

      Please don't flame me as I know the F16 may seem to be better suited but Lake George is extremely light air and I also plan to add a cheata motor bracket and 1.2 HP motor and the 18 will accommodate this better.  Again, this latter aspect is completely unacceptable for purists but I'm in my 50s, just having fun and I have heard old people get a pass - :)

      Thanks in advance for any advice,

      James F25C Lily James
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