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73132Re: [beachcats] 1975 Prindle 16 Restoration Project

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  • Buzz
    Jun 29, 2013
      Mike I think all the Prindle 16 came with some kind of hinge assembly to
      aid in raising the mast. Check with Murray's, they are very knowledgeable.


      On 6/17/2013 12:26 PM, Mike wrote:
      > Hello Group,
      > I bought a 1975 Prindle 16 five days ago and am beginning a
      > restoration project on it. Already purchased a new trampoline and a
      > jib from SLO in San Luis Obispo, CA. Also need to work on the mast and
      > the boom.
      > 1. How does the boom connect to the mast? No fittings on boom or mast when
      > purchased.
      > I've ordered Goosenect Base, Gooseneck Box, and Gooseneck "U" bracket from
      > Murrays Sports and they are on the way. Need any available info on how to
      > connect them to mast and boom (Yes, I am clueless.)
      > 2. Is it possible to retrofit a new mast baseplate to the forward
      > crossbar so that I
      > can get a mast hinge assembly to more easily raise the mast... I think
      > the 1975
      > model came without that feature... Not sure... Any help would be
      > appreciated.
      > Mike

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