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73120RE: [beachcats] Re: boomless rig thumbs up

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  • David Farmer
    Aug 6, 2012
      As Rick says, a long rectangular clew plate with 6 or 8 holes, hook into a rearward hole in light air, move the hook to a more forward hole to pull the clew aft with the mainsheet, flattening the foot to depower. The ARC 22 has a larger than normal bottom batten pocket, and a 1" dia aluminum tube for the bottom batten. Not a full boom, not completely boomless. Works well.


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      Subject: Re: [beachcats] Re: boomless rig thumbs up

      You would need to do a lot of reinforcing on the foot of the sale. Then figure the best loccation of the clew with multiple points for windy or calm conditions. i have aHobie 21 SE with a Hobie 18 rig and it works great for a cruiser.

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      > Boomless rig is great, After getting rid of my NACRA 5.2 with very low boom, I
      > have had NACRA 5.0, NACRA 5.8, NACRA5.5uni & NACRA 5.7. Never missed the boom.

      In a few years I will need to replace my HC21 main. Since I don't race could I set up a boomless rig on the 21?


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