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73110Re: boomless rig on H21 main

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  • Jim Casto
    Jul 25, 2012
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      The issue is how long is foot of mainsail vs placement of rear beam.  Look at
      the clew of your current sail, where it connects to the boom.  A sail designed
      for boomless will end just above the rear beam - where does your current H21
      sail end?
      For comparison, look at  Hobie16, how far behind the rear beam the sail ends. 
      H16 sailplan needs a boom to have any shape in it.

      If you get a new main for H21, and want it boomless, you need to specify it to
      be boomless from the start, or it may not work well.
      That's why other respondent recommended you to work with a knowledgable
      sailmaker like Skip Elliott (I highly recommend Skip from multiple personal
      experience), or Calvert (recommend, just no personal experience).  They can make
      sure the dimension of the "foot" of your of your boomless H21 sail is in the
      right place so the clew position, and the sheeting angle, result in good sail
      shape, etc.  I would also recommend a clew-board traveler if you go boomless.

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