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Humaira's Proposal

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  • Johni Khandaker
    Dear Humaira, I find your proposal to transform this secular and non-communal association into a Muslim Student Association an ignorant and in a simple word,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2002
      Dear Humaira,
      I find your proposal to transform this secular and non-communal association
      into a Muslim Student Association an ignorant and in a simple word, idiotic.

      Firstly no, we are not all muslims. 86% of Bangladeshi are Muslims, while
      16% of them are Hindus and rest being Christians, Buddhist etc. But the
      figures were not always like this in 1941, 28.3 percent of the population
      were Hindus and 70.3% Muslims. This is not surprising since a magazine
      reported that every year half a million minorities have been forced to leave
      the country.

      Our original constitution in 1971 declared: " We, the people of Bangladesh
      having proclaimed our independence on the 26th day of March 1971 and through
      a historic struggle for national liberation, established the indepedent,
      sovereign People's republic of Bangladesh. "Pledging that the high ideals of
      nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism, which inspired our heroic
      people to dedicate themselves to, and our brave martyrs to sacrifice their
      lives in, the national liberation struggle, shall be the fundamental
      principles of the constitution."

      But thru the years close-minded individuals like yourself added Islam to the
      constitution, declaring Islam as the state religion and much more. Another
      important note is that in 1978 Article 12: "Secularism and Freedom of
      Religion" was completely deleted from the constitution

      this is Article 12:
      The principle of secularism shall be realized by the elimination of

      a. communalism in all its forms
      b. the granting by the State of political status in favor of any religion
      c. the abuses of religion for political purposes
      d. any discrimination against, or persecution of, persons practicing a
      particular religion

      Our country was liberated from the blood and tears of muslims, hindus etc.
      Hindu's fought beside muslim to free ourselve from oppresion. Humaira by
      saying that we are all muslims or we should change this organization to
      Muslim student Association, you are denying millions of minorities (Hindus,
      Christians and Buddhists) their citizenship as Bangladeshis. They too were
      born on the same land, have the same fond memories, fought the same struggle
      for a secular Bangladesh where they thought can enjoy their freedom. But it
      is arrogrance like yours which is driving our country into the abysmal state
      that it is in. I could go on and on and arguing against your idea, but I
      rest my case. I am sure you can find a muslim assocation in the Stony Brook
      area to satiate your need for religous imperialism. If not I will be more
      than happy give you the address of many upon many muslim associations.

      With upmost respect

      Johni Khandaker BSA @ Oklahoma State University

      humaira wrote:

      why do we have to have a bengali association... aren't we all muslim? why
      cant we just unify as Muslims and have a Muslim Students Association, and
      reinforce that power on campuses and stuff?

      no offense :)

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