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Re: Degree requirement for graduate studies in Canada & USA?

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    From: Syed Rakib Uddin Date: Sun May 30, 2004 3:47pm Hello Rupa It was pleasure to read your well written email. I think the best way to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2004
      From: Syed Rakib Uddin <sruddin130@...>
      Date: Sun May 30, 2004 3:47pm

      Hello Rupa

      It was pleasure to read your well written email.

      I think the best way to become sure about the requirements is to send email to the corresponding department of the Univrsities (Univ of your interest). From my experience, I have seen that different Univ even Diff Departments set different criterias for evaluation.

      For MS in HRM I guess your 4-yr degree should be enough. But for MBA u may need to have a work experiance of 1-2 years and a good GMAT score, if you wish to get admission in a good program. Again its a matter of consideration for the concerned university.

      You can also consider UK for these degrees as admission policy is some times much flexible in UK.

      I would be happy to provide any further information to you. All the best in your graduate studies.

      University of London, UK


      From: "Echo Azhar" <echo_azhar@...>
      Date: Sun May 30, 2004 3:42pm

      I beleive 4 yrs of College education(which is BBS in your case) is equivalent to Bachelor degree to USA or Canada. Waht they meant by 'MS degree from India, Bangladesh equivalent to their Bachelor degree' is that old style 3yrs Bachelor and 1 yr Masters program we use to have before. Watch that in the old system with Masters the whole collge education add up to 3 + 1=4 yrs. But as you are now in new 4 years Bachelor program, you are ok.

      I suggest if you have further question, you better ask the graduate co-ordinator of the universitiy you are applying. That way you may get exact answer.

      Hope this helps.

      Echo Azhar
      Doctoral Student,
      Intelligent Systems and Image Processing Lab,
      Electrical and Computer Engineering Department,
      University of Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


      From: "Sk. Morshed Anwar" <iamhiraj@...>
      Date: Sun May 30, 2004 7:42pm


      I think for some MBA programs you might need kind of few years job experience to pursue your admission.

      Well as for 4 your degree I can certainly tell you it should be okay. I did my bachelor in Forestry from Khulna Uni (4 yrs degree). Then I got admitted directly into masters program at the uni of lakehead in 2000. Besides I know lots of bd students are coming to canada with 4 yrs degree.

      ".... All of them say that they would consider a Masters degree of India or Bangladesh as equivalent to their honors degree...."

      The admission criteria is developed based on general education systems in the India subcontinent. Still most of the degree programs in bd consist of 3 yrs hons and 1 yr master (4 yrs). The best way probably would be to write to the admission office of the concerned uni. They would help you out with specific info.

      Good luck,

      Montreal, Canada


      From: ullah@...
      Date: Sun May 30, 2004 11:23pm

      As long as you have 16 years of schooling, you are eligible to be admitted to a Masters program.
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