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    Dear Members: Thank you for choosing to stay on as part of this group. By now hopefully you have had a chance to read the basic purpose of this group and we
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2002
      Dear Members:

      Thank you for choosing to stay on as part of this group. By now
      hopefully you have had a chance to read the basic purpose of this
      group and we hope you all agree that a group like this is well over
      due. If you have not had a chance to read the purpose of this group
      please visit the files link on our site:
      (You must be logged in since this is a member only area.)

      There are many Internet e-forums out there that address all kinds of
      Bangladeshi issues. However none of them address BD student issues.

      In this day and age of technology BD students need all the help they
      can get to go to places they dream of. We see foreign students from
      all over the world taking advantage of education and careers in other
      countries. These students are dominantly from over populated
      countries and they are looking to make a better life for themselves
      through education. However in comparison BD students are still rare
      in foreign institutions. There are many students in BD who are
      looking for opportunities to study and work abroad but are unaware of
      the prospects due to lack of networking among BD students and
      professionals abroad. It is difficult for them to know which
      institution or country is most suitable for their interests and their

      For example, there are few BD students in BD who know that a foreign
      students enrolled in the Minnesota State University system can pay in-
      state tuition or that the chances of getting a scholarship from a
      private University in USA are higher or that a graduate assistantship
      can take care of one's financial needs for a graduate degree, or
      the things you can say to an institution to give you a better chance
      of getting into the institution of your choice. Many do not know what
      institutions or companies look for in a candidate, which puts them at
      a disadvantage to the rest who do their homework. Did you know that
      the Chinese community has sites where they compile interview
      questions from different companies from people who have been
      interviewed so that others can benefit? Small details like this,
      which may help make or break someone's life, could be essential
      to the making of an educated and progressive BD society, no matter
      where in the world they are situated. In turn this society can help
      further the cause of BD interests whether it be education, business
      or technology.

      We hope that students and educators will come forth with these
      helpful bits of information and make them available for others,
      especially those that are in BD and wish to come abroad for an
      education. We also hope that students will use this list as a
      resource for answers to their questions. We urge all of you to ask
      your student and educator friends specifically in Bangladesh or
      anywhere else in the world to subscribe to this group (if they have e-
      mail) so that they may benefit from the information exchanged here.
      If this list becomes successful to meeting such needs then we plan to
      establish a web site to compile useful FAQ's that we can all
      refer to.

      With this e-mail we propose that members bring up any issues,
      concerns of questions that are worthy of discussion here.

      Looking forward to your responses.

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