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Bangladeshi lawyer wins "Green Nobel" for Asia

So many of us watched this story on ship-recycling on the coast of Bangladesh, on CBS's 60min (
May 5, 2009

AABEA's Picnic & Science Fair on June 28, 2009 (Sunday).

Respected friends & families, AABEA (American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers & Architects) is requesting your presence to enjoy "Science Fair and Picnic"
Mahfuzur Rahman
May 5, 2009
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Anyone in Vienna, Austria?

Dear All,   I need a feedback from any student who are now in Vienna, Austria. I would be there for 3 days (23-25 Feb, 2009) for the purpose of an UN exam.
Saleh Ahmed
Jan 23, 2009

If you want to do PhD in Australia, today is the time to start

    Dear bangladeshi students   If you want to start PhD in the second half of 2009 or at the beginning of 2010 in Australia, today is the time to start.  
Monir Uddin Ahmed
Jan 21, 2009

Bangladeshi Canadian Amit made a history

Bangladeshi Canadian Amit made a history. Here is a good news for everybody. Bangladeshi Canadian Dr. Amit Chakma made a history. He will be the next president
Samia Jaman
Jan 21, 2009

January 2009 Issue of Sonarbangladesh.com

dear all you may like to read January 2009 Issue of online magazine  sonarbangladesh.com ur articles, literary works, feedback, criticisms will be highly
Shamim Bhuiyan
Jan 4, 2009

Re: Election in Bangladesh

Indeed the interim government should be congratulated and indeed we hope that the politicians will have learnt their lessons. With regard to separating
Jan 2, 2009

Re: Election in Bangladesh

Dear All, The Care Taker Government and the Military of Bangladesh has set up a permanent example on the face of the earth that being a temporary Government
K. Raisuddin
Dec 31, 2008

Moving ahead with nations

I also was moved with the country with the election and participation. Personally although this time I was work for Mohajut, but I expect the number of seat
Dec 31, 2008

Please get behind the Election Results

In 2001 when BNP won the election I wrote to urge everyone to get behind the overwhelming decision of the
Dec 30, 2008

Election in Bangladesh

PLEASE Congratulate Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed and his cabinet for the good job of a nice and notable election - and Welcome Sheikh Hasina for building a SONAR
Manirul Islam
Dec 30, 2008

Podcast: Interview with an NRB turned Electoral activist

Dear Friends, I would like to share this with you as a friend and associate. I would like to take your feed back on ways to better my self for the future to
kawser jamal
Dec 30, 2008

Re: Please vote for - Politics for Change

Ibrahim Bhai, Thanks for your message. I wish you the best in the election victory. It seems to me Awami League will come to power. I have known you from
Azad Islam
Dec 30, 2008

Please vote for - Politics for Change

Dear members of the group, Kindly accept greetings. This is a very generalized letter. Some of you know me because I have frequently been in the electronic or
Maj Gen (Retd.) S M Ibrahim BP
Dec 27, 2008

Victory Day Issue of sonarbangladesh.com

dear all you may like to read Victory Day 2008 Issue of online magazine  sonarbangladesh.comur articles, literary works, feedback, criticisms will be highly
Shamim Bhuiyan
Dec 27, 2008
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