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Big Day for the Brant 2012 - Results

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  • RHYS
    A huge haul of birds - 140 species - were seen by the teams. Can the all-time single team record of 122 be beaten - the birds are out there? Of the Bird of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2012
      A huge haul of birds - 140 species - were seen by the teams. Can the all-time single team record of 122 be beaten - the birds are out there?
      Of the Bird of the Day candidates, American Golden-Plover, Sora and Gray Jay were the candidates subjectively short-listed by the jury. Other possibles might have been Western Grebe, Iceland Gull that in fact won last year, Mountain Bluebird & Savannah Sparrow were seen by several teams, a late Snow Goose. Perhaps the first Barn Swallow of the year was not even put forward by the observing team.
      Of the misses, only Spotted Sandpiper, Ring-billed Gull and Lincoln's Sparrow were surprizing and perhaps Greater White-fronted Goose. A Western Meadowlark was seen but only by a single team member so could not be counted.

      Please provide us with your feedback on the event, by email to myself, Sandra Gray or Tim Clermont. We want to incorporate your suggestions to continually improve on our Big Day traditions. I will email a spreadsheet of species by team later but I have attached a Checklist of All Species Seen. A couple of things we'd like to see next year are more green teams and more intermediate teams and novice participants. We may tweak the rules to support that but you can help so please spread the word.


      Green Team Intermediate:
      Port Birders with 65 species

      Open Team Intermediate:
      Anna's Delight - 87

      Open Team Experienced:
      1st. No Egrets - 118
      2nd. Old Country Twitchers - 103

      Bird of the Day:
      American Golden-Plover - Guy Monty - No Egrets

      Young & Young at Heart (Dr. John Brighton Memorial Award):
      Surfin' Birds - 83 species/17 average age

      Story of the Day:
      Gord Johnson - Pteam Ptarmigan

      Most Sparrows:
      Anna's Delight - 8*

      Least Distance Driven:

      Loony Toons - 18km**

      Drawprize Winners:
      Karen Barry - Camera from The Nature Trust of BC and Guardians of Mid-Island Estuaries
      Christopher Stephens - Family Portrait sitting from Lifetouch Canada, Don Emerson, Photographer
      Phil Morrison - Nest Box from The Backyard Wildbird & Nature Store, Nanaimo
      Guy Monty - Gift Certificate from Deez Bar & Grill
      Tim Clermont - Gift Certificate from Deez Bar & Grill (Volunteer Drawprize)

      * Random draw from several teams with the same score of 7 increased to 8 with House Sparrow.
      **Equivalent to 4.7 species per km. Next closest team was at 0.9 species per km.

      TEAMS (Team Member List attached):

      NO EGRETS - 118
      STELLAR J'S - 93
      ANNA'S DELIGHT - 87
      CITY FLICKERS - 86
      LOONY TOONS - 85
      SURFIN' BIRDS - 83
      JUST WEE THREE - 71
      PORT BIRDERS - 65

      Thanks to all the birders for your support, cameraderie, fair play and patience at the presentations.
      Thanks to all the volunteers without whom we would still have been calculating the returns.
      Thanks to all the sponsors without whom we would not have been able to raise approximately $725 for THE BRANT WILDLIFE FESTIVAL!!

      Rhys Harrison, Sandy Gray, Tim Clermont, Parksville, BC
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