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Fw: [bbshop] Mystery (Barber) Shopper

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  • Stephen Rafe
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011

      > The whole problem of how to determine what chapters need and how to
      > provide it to them is, apparently, a "mystery" in and of itself. Many
      > techniques in problem-solving and decision-making exist that could help,
      > along with techniques in critical/analytical thinking. However, I'm not
      > sure we, as an organization, have ever gotten to the core of the issue:
      > What keeps us from growing ever younger and larger (as one of many Society
      > Vision Statements advocated roughly a dozen years ago) and, to that we
      > might add "and better"?
      > I'm sure we have a huge-enough braintrust within our membership to address
      > this problem head-on, and recommend a specific course of action to resolve
      > it -- recognizing that one size will definitely not fit all. Even so, one
      > question remains: Will it get implemented? And by whom, and how?
      > Stephen
      > -----
      >> The downside is simply this: the program can come across as spying of the
      >> worst kind.
      > -----
      > I think a secret "spy" would not be a good idea, but experienced
      > barbershoppers in an area counselor position would help a lot of
      > struggling
      > chapters.
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