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An exciting AHSOW event in the Sunshine District.

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  • suncoastchorus
    Greetings from AHSOW (Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders). It may be possible that you may not be familiar with woodshedding or more likely, have a
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      Greetings from AHSOW (Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders).

      It may be possible that you may not be familiar with woodshedding or more likely, have a mis-impression of what it is. Here's what it ISN'T. It isn't trying to spontaneously sing a song you've never heard at the regular speed. Everyone learns the melody and then you take your time moving slowly through each chord, allowing people to find their note. The joy is in the journey, not the destination. It is easier than most people think. If you roll through through your head some melodies like Home on the Range or I've Been Working on
      the Railroad, and can hear in your head how the harmonies may sound, you can do this. Even if you can't do that, there are some simple rules that you learn about woodshedding that makes it easy and fun. If you've ever had an interest in woodshedding or would like to learn more about REAL Barbershopping (This is how the Society began you know. You don't thing O.C. had learning CDs, do you?) then
      here's a FREE opportunity.
      There is a group comprised of AHSOW members in the Sunshine District. It is called WITS (Woodshedders in the Sunshine). We are having our maiden gathering soon. Below is the invitation that was sent to WITS. All are welcome. You do not have to be an AHSOW member. You don't have to be a BHS member. You don't have to be anything other that willing to have more fun with barbershopping than you ever thought possible. Please copy this e-mail and send it to anyone you think might have an interest. Please mention it at your Chapter meeting and get a group to carpool. Come to St Petersburg for the weekend. There's no oil on the Beaches and the weather is lovely. Crisp and clean in the 90's, with 98% humidity.

      Dear WITS (Woodshedders in the Sunshine),
      Our first (of what will be many) gatherings is taking place Saturday, June 19th from 12:00 Noon to 5:00PM. Come for the afternoon or just a couple of hours, whatever works for you. It's very informal, no agenda, just woodshedding. The location is an office building in St Petersburg, right off of US 19 and very easy to get to. The name of the office building is Crosspointe Plaza. 3530 1st Ave N (direction below).

      This is an event for woodshedders and anyone who would like to be introduced to the hobby, no need to be a member of AHSOW. Anyone and everyone is welcome, but it will be more fun for participants than observers. This is in an office building with lots of places for quartets to break off.There are vacant offices,hallways, conference room, bathroom, stairwells...... a woodshedders paradise. We're keeping this as low impact as possible. No snacks, nothing provided. There is a water fountain, so bring a water bottle you can refill out of the fountain. All that is provided is the place, the air conditioning, and woodshedding books. And it is absolutely free.

      Please RSVP. If it turns out it is a last minute decision and you haven't RSVP, come anyway. It would just be nice to get an idea of how many people will attend. If you have any questions, please contact me at 727 410-5696.

      Directions: Crosspointe Plaza is on the Southwest corner of 35th Street and 1st Ave North. 35th Street is one block off of US 19. (In St Petersburg, US 19 has the numeric equivalency of 34th St). 1st Ave North is a one way street that runs from east to west

      From the North.
      US 19. Go south on US19 to 1st Ave N. Turn right (west) and Immediately move to the far left of the one way street.The office building is at the next corner on the left side of the street. You will see a sign advertising hypnosis. Pull into parking lot and go in main entrance. There will be a sign that says "AHSOW".

      From I-275.Go south. After the exit for 22nd Ave N, follow the sign that says "Bradenton". The next exit will be 5th Ave N. You will be at about 20th Street. Exit the interstate and go straight to 1st Ave N. Turn right (west). You will cross US 19 in about 14 blocks. See directions above.

      From the South. If you are coming over the Skyway, come to the exit for 31st St S. It is a left side exit off of the Interstate. Take a left at 31st Street to 1st Ave N. Turn left (west) and follow directions above.

      If you are coming from the West or the East you probably live here anyway and know how to find it.

      Here is a Mapquest link:


      Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) you.

      Yours in Harmony,

      Lance Lubin
      Sunshine DEC (District Educator and Certifier)
      AHSOW Executive VP
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