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Re: [bbshop] Looking for old guys (and young) to sing the Old Songs

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  • Jack W. Martin
    Hi Leo, Good for you my friend. I am pleased to see that you are moving toward some of the same goals as that of the Barbershop Quartet Preservation
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      Hi Leo,

      Good for you my friend. I am pleased to see that you are moving toward some
      of the same goals as that of the Barbershop Quartet Preservation

      This is what is needed to stimulate our growth and to preserve the old
      songs. The BQPA has been advocating and practicing this type of activity
      since 1982. As you are aware, the BQPA concentrates on Barbershop quartet
      singing, recognizing that forming a chorus might be a bit difficult, since
      our membership comes from the four corners of the North American Continent.

      Through the development of a more organized group a couple years ago, the
      BQPA has increased their membership quite significantly. We currently have
      over 180 registered active members.

      We hold quartet festivals twice each year, one in Phoenix area in April and
      the second in Chicago in September. Our attendance at these festivals
      reached 270 singers in 2009. We are expecting 150 singers to attend our
      April 2010 festival in Tempe AZ. Please visit our BQPA website
      www.bqpa.com for more details.

      Good luck Leo, on getting your Main Street USA chorus up and running.
      We of the BQPA wish you great success. Please keep me informed of your
      progress. If we can be of any assistance, let me know!

      In Harmony
      Jack Martin President

      On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 6:12 PM, Leo <Leo@...> wrote:

      > Do you like to sing the old songs?
      > Do you like no-pressure environments?
      > Do you like singing 10-15 songs a night?
      > Do you like to quartet?
      > Do you want to sing in an all-male chorus?
      > Do you like singing tags?
      > Do you like not singing on the risers all night?
      > Do you like singing in tune?
      > Do you like a organized group with no board of directors?
      > Do you like reminiscing about the good old days of SPEBSQSA?
      > Do you like to woodshed?
      > Do you like to �go out� with the guys after rehearsal?
      > The newly formed Main Street USA Chorus likes these things, too! We do
      > �Barbershop� the old fashion way: we SING it! That�s why we
      > formed what we think is a first of its kind, Traditional Barbershop
      > Harmony Chorus. We welcome the old guys as well as younger guys. We
      > like �Joe Barbershoppers� and we also like quartet
      > �Ringers�. So whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new to
      > harmonizing, �You�re As Welcome As the Flowers In May�.
      > We focus our attention on having fun by singing traditional barbershop
      > songs, in tune, and with quality. It's that simple.
      > If you like the �Do�s� listed above, you might enjoy visiting
      > Main Street USA Chorus. We meet in Medway, MA on Tuesdays from
      > 7:30-9:30 PM. For more information, or if you would like to visit,
      > please call Leo Larivee at (508) 533-6255.
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