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Re: [bbshop] Youth Enrichment Program---Pt 4 1/2.10---Searching for buried treasure

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  • Robert Farnham
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I m going to look into doing it in my area, Bob ________________________________ From: Montana Jack Fitzpatrick
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      Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm going to look into doing it in my area,

      From: Montana Jack Fitzpatrick <mtjack@...>
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      Sent: Wed, February 24, 2010 11:14:23 PM
      Subject: [bbshop] Youth Enrichment Program---Pt 4 1/2.10---Searching for buried treasure

      I spent this morning at Stevensville high school with our local Music Educator. I met the young folks in several classes and got to witness what a great job this wonderful lady was doing under very Spartan conditions. The classroom was smaller than tiny and should have been condemned years ago. Nonetheless, she had an indomitable spirit---always upbeat and uplifting. Her program was varied in content and ranged from pop to madrigal. She kept each class moving and made some personal remark to every student. To me, it was pretty spectacular. Friday night, this teacher is in charge of a program for all middle and junior high schools in the area (in addition to her other duties)(plus the Valentines concert last week---you get picture).

      As each class came into her room, she always introduced me before starting the class routine. Each time, she introduced me, she called me a treasure. As she said it to the classes, it just sort of passed me by. The kids had all kinds of questions--- one young man told me that all he had ever wanted to do with his life was to be involved in music. She always asked me for my comments after they sang each song.

      I played the DVD of the 2009 convention performance of the Ambassadors of Harmony. When the kids heard the first chord some of them actually gasped at the purity of the sound. When it was over, they clapped at the TV screen. I told them all that we could do that same thing right here in Western Montana. They wanted to believe that---because I was their treasure that had just been discovered. And today they discovered barbershop and they love it!

      When I left the school today, I knew that I could make a difference and committed in my heart to doing so. The teacher said goodbye and said that she hoped our relationship would be a long one. As long as I am able, it will be.

      Later that afternoon while sitting at home and reviewing the morning activities, I recalled her telling all the students that I was a "treasure"-- -living so nearby all this time and yet unknown. I used to teach school and long ago learned what sponges our younger people can be. They will sit at your side and ask questions until your head is spinning. Then they follow you to the drinking fountain still asking away while you wet your whistle. That will never change.

      Tears filled my eyes as I began to think of how many of us are living that same life---nearby yet unknown. Oh my dear friends, I am heartsick at the realization of how much treasure lies buried in our hearts--just out of reach. If we will not share our experiences and the wisdom and knowledge we have gained along the way, what will they be left with? Will all you have within you go to the grave and be buried forever, or will you allow yourself to be discovered and treasured right now---today?

      There is nothing on this earth more satisfying than knowing that you have shared something precious (yourself) with some young person. To be admired by a kid makes you feel as though you are a king or queen. Don't wait to be discovered-- -they don't even know where to dig.

      Don't miss this opportunity of your lifetime. Call a Music Educator today. You will never regret doing so.

      Blessings to everyone,

      Montana Jack, keeping the faith and keeping it barbershop

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