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Re: [bbshop] Please don't move the Philly College Quartet Contest to Tuesday!

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  • Jamie Bedford
    I seem to recall the College contest being moved to Saturday morning to feature the youth participants a few years back, though I could be wrong about that. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 2, 2009
      I seem to recall the College contest being moved to Saturday morning to
      feature the youth participants a few years back, though I could be wrong
      about that. I think it helped, anyway... The youth movement is certainly on
      the rise, and I'm sure the prospect of competing and being featured at
      international helps spur that growth. It helped my quartet a few years

      It's tough to fit so much into so little time, but I agree that pushing the
      collegiate contest back to Tuesday is going to make it very difficult for
      the college guys to participate based on cost alone. Maybe that's OK if
      people don't actually want to see collegiate groups, but if they do, then
      who would actually be in the audience anyway? How many people show up to
      the convention in time for this event anyway?

      As for moving the chorus contest to Saturday (again?), I suppose that would
      help get more chorus participants and more overall attendance. It really
      depends on the goals for the convention as mandated by the society.

      Upping the minimum score for a quartet to be invited would be OK with me,
      but my quartet isn't quite in that scoring range yet ;) I agree that 50
      quartets is a bit much to do all in one day for quarterfinals, though. It's
      quite the marathon session for audience and judges alike. While any quartet
      scoring 75+ has earned my respect, there's quite a difference between the
      75's and the 85's, and I'd love to see a higher percentage of higher scores
      if I'm going to sit around for 6 or 8 hours watching the parade of quartets

      Looking forward to a great convention,

      Jamie Bedford
      Tenor, Voices in Harmony Chorus ( http://www.vihchorus.org )
      Tenor, Brewhouse Quartet ( http://www.brewhousequartet.com )

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      > Subject: [bbshop] Please don't move the Philly College Quartet Contest to
      > Tuesday!
      > In case people missed Kyle Kitzmiller's email since it was "hidden" in
      > another thread:
      > ------------------------
      > > Wait, when did that happen? This is really unfortunate for those of us
      > who
      > > are competing in the college contest. It forces those of us who can't
      > afford
      > > to be there the whole week to either spend more money than we have, and
      > > we're ALL broke, or to miss the finals and the tag singing on Saturday,
      > not
      > > to mention that we're going to get maybe 1/3 of the attendance we usually
      > > do. Did it really get moved so Sing with the Champs would be open?
      > Please. I
      > > wouldn't be surprised if it were in a ballroom again...I think we just
      > got
      > > downgraded to little kids, and no longer legitimate competitors.
      > >
      > ------------------------
      > According to the official Philly schedule (which is very well hidden on the
      > website, btw Eddie =P), the College Quartet Contest has been moved from the
      > usual 8AM Saturday morning spot to Tuesday 6PM.
      > <
      > <
      > http://www.barbershop.org/news-and-events/philadelphia-international-convention/schedule-of-events.html
      > >
      > http://www.barbershop.org/news-and-events/philadelphia-international-convention/schedule-of-events.html
      > >
      > While we young'uns bemoan the usual early morning start time, moving it to
      > Tuesday night is much, much worse. There are basically two kinds of events
      > at international conventions: competitions and everything else. The former
      > is mandatory and it is difficult to enjoy the latter until you've completed
      > all of the former. No contest, be it the regular Quartet Quarterfinals, the
      > Chorus contest, nor the College Quartet Contest, should be pushed earlier
      > beyond Wednesday for all the reasons Kyle mentioned.
      > All contest sessions should be clustered as tightly together as possible so
      > that:
      > 1) No group of competitors will be forced to attend International earlier
      > than usual.
      > 2) The amount of time that competitors need to be on vocal rest (i.e. not
      > screaming tags at 2AM) can be minimized.
      > I wouldn't go as far as saying that "we just got downgraded to little
      > kids,"
      > but this was definitely a poor logistics decision by the Society.**
      > My ideal scenario would be for the College Quartet Competition and Quartet
      > Quarterfinals to both happen on Wednesday. And according to the schedule,
      > we're not too far away from achieving this! The Quartet Quarterfinals is
      > from 9AM to 7PM on Wednesday while the College Quartet Competition is from
      > 6PM to 10PM on Tuesday. If we can shave 2 hours off of the Quarterfinals,
      > we can fit both contests in one day with the Quarterfinals in the morning
      > and the College Contest at night.
      > This is a good solution because:
      > 1) There is likely some subset of College Quartet Competitors who are
      > competing in the College Quartet Contest only. They can get in on Wednesday
      > morning (I'd imagine that's when most people usually arrive anyway), be
      > done
      > with the contest by the end of the day, and enjoy the rest of the
      > convention.
      > 2) Realistically speaking, for those College Quartets who are also
      > competing
      > in the Quarterfinals, it is likely that few of them will make it to the
      > Semi
      > Finals (phenoms like MIB^2 and Ringmasters excluded). These competitors
      > will also be completely done by Wednesday, though they must sing twice in
      > one day. While this may be a bit of a burden for these competitors, note
      > that the Harmony Inc. International quartet contest has both the Semifinals
      > and the Finals on the same day so it can be done!
      > 3) For those College Competitors who are competing in the chorus contest as
      > well, they'd get done with their competitions a day earlier than normal
      > (Friday instead of Saturday afternoon).
      > 4) Does not cause Quarterfinalists to deviate from their normal routines.
      > And how can we achieve this utopian solution? Dun dun dun...through raising
      > the qualifying score for the Quarterfinals. It's controversial, I know, and
      > it might already be too late for the Board to change it for this year. By
      > the way, I am in favor for raising the qualifying score even if it wasn't
      > for the College Contest issue.
      > The quality of the Society's quartets has risen (a good thing!) and we've
      > seen a steady increase of competitors in the Quarterfinals. We had 50
      > quartets in Anaheim. 50! That's insanity! The quarterfinals are getting
      > way too long.
      > If it is not possible to fit the Quarterfinals and the College Contest in
      > one day...please at least return the College Contest to Saturday morning!
      > -Michael Ho
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