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Re: [bbshop] Surveys and Liver Pizza

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  • David Miller
    Of course the only way to really market is to perfect your number one theme song.... Everybody Loves a Liver . And take it to the streats, meat markets or
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 1, 2009
      Of course the only way to really market is to perfect your number one
      theme song....

      "Everybody Loves a Liver".

      And take it to the streats, meat markets or where ever local liver lovers lie.

      Sorry...... Crawling back to my cave


      On 3/31/09, Steve in Boise <Bunkley@...> wrote:
      > Fellers,
      > Over the years I've come up with a few analogies to explain my feelings
      > about Barbershop surveys. Here's one of my favorites, called the Liver
      > Pizza analogy:
      > Years ago, when meat was being rationed and very expensive, liver
      > gained in popularity with American homemakers. Very few kids, however
      > liked liver. As these kids grew up, almost no one liked it. I, however,
      > love the stuff. I'll even order it in a restaurant, though it's getting
      > harder to find on menus. I'm guessing that maybe one person in a
      > hundred actually likes liver. One percent.
      > Now, let's imagine that there's a worldwide organization of such
      > weirdos: Liver Lovers of America. They get together now and then to
      > swap recipes, socialize, and mostly, to enjoy their mutual love of
      > liver. To those who are members, this is heaven! Outsiders don't "get
      > it", but no matter. Liver isn't for everyone.
      > Then, one fateful day, some number-cruncher noticed that membership was
      > dwindling. The Liver Lovers of America mounted various membership
      > drives, with mixed results. Finally, in near desperation, they hired a
      > marketing firm to help.
      > The marketing gurus did a survey, and guess what they came up with:
      > very few people out there like liver these days. Duh! We could have
      > told them that and saved a lot of money and time. We were kind of
      > hoping they'd find a way for us to reach that "one percent" of folk who
      > DO like liver. In a country of 300 million people, that still comes to
      > a cool 3 million!
      > The best the marketing guys were able to come up with was a scheme to
      > attract more young people by plying them with liver pizza, with the
      > liver cut into tiny pieces and hidden under the pepperoni. Some even
      > suggested offering liver-free options for that much larger segment of
      > the population that liked pizza, but not liver.
      > Needless to say, we Liver Lovers were incredulous! What started as a
      > quirky gourmet specialty food club had started the slide towards
      > becoming a garden variety pizzeria!
      > We fired the marketing geniuses, despite their chest-thumping defense
      > of meatless pizza as the wave of the politically correct future. We
      > went back to our dwindling club, wishing that the marketing guys had
      > more appetite for liver and less for low-hanging fruit.
      > At least for the moment, when you Google "liver", you still get Liver
      > Lovers of America at the top of page one. Sigh.
      > Steve in Boise

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    • Lynn Hauldren
      Liver? I can take it or leave it. But my favorite song is Liver Stay Way From My Door. Lynn Hauldren, Elderbari Old songs are more than tunes. They are
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 1, 2009
        Liver? I can take it or leave it. But my favorite song is "Liver Stay Way From My Door."

        Lynn Hauldren, Elderbari

        "Old songs are more than tunes. They are little houses in which our hearts used to live." - Ben Hecht

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