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Adrian Bourgeois Update #11

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  • Christopher Baker
    For those of you who have been following his story, Adrian was at our Chapter meeting last night and caught up on some singing and gave us rundown of what s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      For those of you who have been following his
      story, Adrian was at our Chapter meeting last
      night and caught up on some singing and gave us
      rundown of what's new and what's coming up.
      Here's a synopsis of the next couple weeks and months to come.

      To recap, Adrian was our Chapter President and
      Show Chair last year. In February 2008 he began
      having what he thought was some sort of stomach
      trouble. He treated it with the standard
      over-the-counter stuff like Tums, et al, but it
      persisted. Whatever it was gradually became more
      pronounced until April 22nd when the pain took
      him to the hospital. After scans and exploratory
      surgery the next day, he was diagnosed with Stage
      IV colon cancer and given six months to live.

      In the past year since then, Adrian had many
      different courses of chemotherapy and has been
      accepted into a special surgical chemotherapy
      treatment at Wake Forest University Baptist
      Medical Center. The Comprehensive Cancer Center
      at Wake Forest is among an elite group of U.S.
      cancer centers designated by the National Cancer
      Institute as comprehensive ­ indicating
      excellence in research, patient care and
      education. He's beaten the original odds so far
      and we expect him to continue this trend. His
      surgeon got his training from the doctor who
      originated this particular treatment option so he'll be in good hands.

      Adrian will be traveling to Winston-Salem, North
      Carolina, on Friday [April 3rd], arriving
      Saturday. He'll be admitted on Sunday and the
      surgery is scheduled for early Monday [April 6th]
      morning. After recovery, he will be in the ICU
      for at least twenty-four hours and then a private
      room for another week to ten days. Then there'll
      be a week of follow-up and scans to set marks for
      comparison and he'll be coming home. Three more
      months of recovery and evaluation should put him
      back at our Chapter meetings sometime in July or August.

      For those of you just tuning in or who missed it,
      you can keep up with what's going on and offer
      your own communication on a web site with journal
      posting by Adrian and Cindy and a guestbook where
      you can share with the family and the rest of the world. Just go here:


      and catch up and stay informed. You will need to
      do a minimum sign-up to get access, but it's
      simple and you'll get the news as we do.

      Adrian is a big believer in the power of prayer
      and credits your input in that arena with getting
      him this far. He'd like you to continue praying
      for him and his family with everything you've got
      and he'll do his darndest to fight this thing
      off. If you need a focal point to concentrate
      your postive energy, you can do a MapQuest or
      GoogleMaps of the hospital. Here's the address:

      Medical Center Boulevard
      Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA 27157.

      Look for something in the Journal [above link]
      before they leave for North Carolina on Friday. Adrian's email address is:

      Adrian Bourgeois <r26218@...>

      if you want to send him anything before then or when he gets home.

      That's the news. Stay tuned for further updates as we get them.


      Getting back to BASSics...

      KTWWS! & HTW!


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      Barbershop Harmony Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

      Have you been to the Sunshine District MegaStore?


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      ICQ #7176473

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