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Re: [bbshop] Respect of Barbershop?

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  • Joe De Felice
    Now Leo........    Some do and some dont respect Barbershop , and them that dont dont by a matter of disagreeing with the guardians of our style. So please
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2009
      Now Leo........    Some do and some dont "respect Barbershop", and them that dont

      dont by a matter of disagreeing with the guardians of our style.

      So please dont say "we".

      It is just gonna get that ballroling again for another hunnert posts or mucho more.

      Showglow Joe

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      Subject: [bbshop] Respect of Barbershop?

      Mark Davidson writes:

      >>>I believe maybe one reason why our beloved Barbershop is not
      respected in the
      "outside" world the way we think it should be, is that we are not very
      of anything that is not barbershop.>>>

      Seems to me that WE are the ones who don't respect the barbershop style.
      Why should the "outside" world be accepting of us?   All we seem to do
      is rationalize how any song is "barbershop" - if you arrange it right.

      I've seen countless examples over four decades that the outside world
      DOES appreciate and accept traditional barbershop music.  Maybe we
      should strive to give more of it to the outside world?

      It's not whether or not a gold medalist sings it that makes it a
      barbershop song. It's whether the message of the song comes through and
      whether the song and the harmony is conducive to the barbershop style.

      If WE don't respect our own style of music, how can we expect the
      outside world to recognize it, never mind respect it?   Some think
      EVERYTHING is barbershop.  If that's true, perhaps there are "outside"
      people that thought the "L Street Band" WAS barbershop?

      By the way, Jennifer Hudson lip-synced the National Anthem. Live
      performances are the thing of the past. Too bad, because barbershop
      needs to be LIVE to get full value.

      Leo Larivee
      Lou Perry Disciple
      Medway, MA

      "The song comes first... before the individual, before the arranger,
      before the quartet, and even before
      the audience."  Lou Perry


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