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RE: Kenny Ray & Dr. Jay at the Cardinal Convention; Friday, October 3rd

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  • Ken Hatton
    Hi Everybody, Meredith Willson s The Music Man at the HCS Performing Arts Center is history, and man, was it fun! I always wanted to play the role of Harold
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
      Hi Everybody,

      Meredith Willson's "The Music Man" at the HCS Performing Arts Center is
      history, and man, was it fun! I always wanted to play the role of Harold
      Hill, and I couldn't have asked for better fellow cast members, crew or
      Director. Thanks to everyone who participated on stage, behind the scenes
      or from the audience, including the pre show performers, the New Horizon
      Chorus, Heart of Kentucky Men's Chorus, Kentucky Vocal Union and the Pride
      of Kentucky Sweet Adelines. Most of all, thanks to the show's fine
      director, Bart Lovins, who also happens to be a barbershopper.

      I'll have no more time to celebrate as I prepare for another exciting
      engagement; this time with my ol' pal, Dr. Jay, and his 7-piece Jazz Band in
      the "Label Room" at the Executive Inn (East) on Phillips Lane near the
      Louisville International Airport this Friday evening, October 3rd. This
      performance is in association with the biannual convention of the Cardinal
      District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and will feature the
      award-winning "TKO" quartet between the band's two one-hour sets. But it's
      also open to the public! I'm always tickled to perform with partner in
      crime Jay Flippin because every one of his fine musicians is a "first-call"
      instrumentalist from Kentuckiana. Man, can they play!

      Our first set will follow the end of the quartet contest at approximately
      9:30, and yes, there will be a dance floor! The room opens at 9:00, and
      there will be no advance sales. Cover charge is ten dollars, payable at the
      door, and there will be a cash bar, but no food will be served. Also, it's
      a no-smoking facility, and there will be no non-smoking activities allowed
      in the outdoor smoking area. Ha!

      Should be a swingin' time! Ya'll come!

      Looking Forward.

      Kenny Ray

      www.kennyraysinger.com <http://www.kennyraysinger.com/>

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