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  • Montana Jack Fitzpatrick
    Someone pointed out to me, very correctly, that my posting (and many others from us), when pointed at Nashville as a target ,cast a very bad light on an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2008
      Someone pointed out to me, very correctly, that my posting (and many others from us), when pointed at "Nashville" as a target ,cast a very bad light on an extremely dedicated group of folks who are working hard and long hours to meet our needs.
      The society staff can only react to the directions of the society BOD. They must stay within those boundaries regardless of the desire that they might have to do otherwise. If there is any fault to be found, it should be with that BOD since they establish the policies, make the changes, determine the rules that affect us all. Most particularly it affects those on the staff who are trying their very best to please us all---and not getting a lot of sympathy or understanding when they cannot.

      Two things here:

      First of all, lets all resolve to remember the dedication of the society staff and continue to thank them, at every opportunity, for their dedicated service.
      Secondly, lets point our messages, telephone calls and gripes at the right target. If there is a problem, the ownership of that problem and the solutions rest in the BOD. I do hope that all of them take note of our discussions here on the Harmonet because we represent a small yet deeply dedicated part of our society. Our ramblings and tirades usually lead, after awhile, to the truth about things(or, at least, a complete discussion of the problems). And----even though we appear to be a small group, we number about 10 percent of the society. Poll takers in this current election cycle are using samples of less than 1000 and millions of dollars are being spent on the results of their findings.
      So, please send a kind note or telephone call (better hold those calls unless it is for business) to a staff member and let them know just how much we need and appreciate them. Let's help them start off this New Year, in our new home, with joy and enthusiasm.

      Blessings to everyone, have a wonder-filled New Year.

      Montana Jack, keeping the faith and keeping it barbershop

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