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The Final Curtain at the Buckeye Invitational

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  • Mike Renner
    This note is a big THANK YOU, to so many of you in barbershopland. For the past 19 years, you made the Buckeye Invitational such a special experience for us
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
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      This note is a big THANK YOU, to so many of you in barbershopland. For the past 19 years, you made the Buckeye Invitational such a special experience for us here in Columbus. Many of you traveled long distances to be part of a group that competed on our stage, and over the years we had competitors from nearly every state in the Union, not to mention Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Sweden, New Zealand and Russia. You came, both males and females, to be a part of one of the few opportunities where men and women barbershoppers were scored against each other. You may have sung in comedy or mixed quartets and you came for one of the few venues that gave you a chance to compete for some national notoriety. If you have sung in a championship quartet from either society, you probably performed on the Buckeye stage, as nearly 25 championship quartets have in the last two decades, many on multiple occassions. We thank the many great choruses who performed here at the zeneth of their national fame such as the Thoroughbreds, North Coast Metro, Southern Gateway and the Melodeers, not to mention some who competed here on their way to the top like Ambassodors of Harmony and Midwest Vocal Express.

      Because of you, the Singing Buckeyes have been able to make worldwide, lifelong barbershop friends. Many of you come every year whether to sing, or just be part of the scene. It's been a great ride. It's been a lot of work, but work that all of us in this chapter would gladly turn back the clock and do all over again. It's with a tear in our eye that we recognize that the Invitational has run its course and its time for us to bring down the final curtain. Buckeye Invitational XIX will run August 16, 17, 18 & 19, then turn out the lights and say goodbye.

      The Singing Buckeyes would love to be able to thank you in person, if you can join us that weekend. If "goodbyes" aren't your thing, maybe you want to come so you can hear High Fidelity, Power Play, Max Q, Vocal Spectrum, Spotlight, and Gas House Gang all in one weekend. If you've ever promised yourself to go to the Buckeye, this is your last chance to fulfill that plan.

      So, to the nearly 20,000 out-of-town barbershoppers and supporters who have spent nights in Columbus hotels over the past 19 years, we salute you. The Singing Buckeyes will be forever in your debt, and we look forward to singing another tag with you in an elevator in another town. In assessing the contribution made by the Buckeye Invitational to the barbershop world, we hope you agree with the common modern phrase, "Oh, that's going to leave a mark!"

      Mike Renner
      First Chrm, Buckeye Invitational
      Singing Buckeyes

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