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  • Walter Dods
    I have a piece of software called Freecorder which allows you to record anything that goes through your soundcard on your computer. It records it as an MP3
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2007
      I have a piece of software called "Freecorder" which allows you to record
      anything that goes through your soundcard on your computer. It records it as
      an MP3 file and then you can burn it onto CD.

      You can get a free version of this software, but if you purchase the license
      it doubles the quality of the recording.

      Walter Dods


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      > To all my good friends who answered my call for help in finding a
      CD recorder
      > -- here is my solution:
      > I purchased a Sony RCD-W500C CD Recorder that can feed off my RCA
      > outputs on my Sony DVD recorder, which in turn is fed by my Sony
      > camera.
      > This allows taping contests events, making a DVD and CD at the same
      > They must be finalized later, since there is not enough time
      between competitors.
      > The next chore was to find a source for jet printer printable CDs,
      that were
      > made for Audio/Music. Most electronic stores do not stock these.
      > Found those also, so now I'm set for the next District Contest.
      > Email me if you are interested in the sources for these items.
      > M. D. Griffith -- Houston Tidelanders
      > ************************************** See what's free at
      http://www.aol <http://www.aol.com> com.
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      There is another method that eliminates the need to
      finalize CDS. I've been doing the audio/video recording
      and sound reinforcement for Region 15 for 17 years now,
      and when we converted to all digital last year, we found
      a few shortcuts to save time and lessen the risk of
      lost performance recordings. (We've never lost one)

      Record performances to a digital recorder, for example
      a Marantz PMD660. Then port to one of two laptops/desktops
      using USB for conversion to CD. You can record in MP3,
      which eliminates the need for conversion, or as a WAV.
      You can even set up a small network at your workstation
      to simplify things. My videographer uses a similar
      method, recording files and burning to DVD on a
      separate server with multiple burners. We typically
      deliver all the CDs and DVDs within 90 minutes of
      the conclusion of the competition. (One difference
      that really impacts the quality in a positive way:
      we use a Sony 3-chip professional camera with a
      very powerful zoom, allowing us to do quality
      closeups from 75' away. We also record a safety to
      digital tape in the camera.

      For printing, all the retail computer stores carry
      printable CDS, and prices are dropping continually. For
      a printer, it's tough to beat the Epson series of
      printers that are CD capable. Cheap and durable.

      If you'd like more details, drop me a line.

      Chris Slacke

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