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Re: [bbshop] Re: VM’s Contest Set Revealed

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  • Joe De Felice
    And didn t we ever in 1987 Hartford with Sing me that song, Again (1984 ballad) replacing Give My Regards to Broadway power ballad as I recall..... just
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      And didn't we ever in 1987 Hartford with "Sing me that song, Again"
      (1984 ballad) replacing "Give My Regards to Broadway" power ballad as
      I recall..... just a week or two before Hartford.

      It was gorgeous anyway, but I believe either would have been.

      Wishing the BAC and Reveille all the best in INDY....
      Ride RED RIDE Bring on da KING,

      Show Glow Joe (BAC 1984 - 1995)

      At 7/1/2006 07:52 PM, JHunna1@... wrote:
      >Ev et al:
      >This was SO clearly a put-on. Its absolutely NOT credible to
      >think that the VM would be deciding the week before what songs to
      >do in the International Competition......
      >Only the Big Apple Chorus does that!
      >Watch for the King in Indy!
      >Joe Hunter
      >Director - Big Apple Chorus
      >Bari - Reveille
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