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Re: [bbshop] Re: BHS BQPA Progress Report- Younger Perspective

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  • Marti Lovejoy
    ... But, as the Westminster and other choruses have shown, those kids raised on the boob tube can be recruited by enthusiatic men and they will come and they
    Message 1 of 36 , May 30, 2006
      On May 30, 2006, at 8:59 PM, Phil Richards wrote:

      > I frequently agree with DJ and Marti, but not this time. The shrinkage
      > of our Societies is far less than would be predicted by the trends in
      > extra-curricular participation in the US. In the last three decades of
      > the 20th century, volunteer organizations of all types lost on the
      > average 50% of there membership. The cause -- TV, as studied in the
      > 1998 book Bowling Alone. The generation that should be ripe for our
      > activities was brought up on spoon fed entertainment from the boob
      > tube.

      But, as the Westminster and other choruses have shown, those kids
      raised on the boob tube can be recruited by enthusiatic men and they
      will come and they will sing.

      Marti Lovejoy
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    • Scott Crevier
      Here here! I couldn t agree more Ev. ... -- Scott Crevier De Pere, Wisconsin, USA
      Message 36 of 36 , May 30, 2006
        Here here! I couldn't agree more Ev.

        enau@... wrote the following on 05/30/2006 8:36 am:
        > Thanks for asking .
        >>From the very beginning of the debate, I have favored the inclusion of BQPA as an affiliate of the Society. The affiliate status, to me, is in keeping with the Society's Lifeblood philosophy which was adopted several years ago and states: "Every man in his own way should experience the joy of hearing his voice contribute to barbershop harmony."
        > The key, obviously, is "In his own way." BQPA is doing just that, and while their opinion often overflows into recommendations as to what the entire Society ought to be doing, they really can in no way be viewed as a threat. They know what they want for themselves, and they are willing to work to get it. What's the problem? Where is the subversion?
        > There are folks who don't like Tom Neal or Dick Johnson or other leading lights of the Pioneers and BQPA. Fine, don't associate with them, but don't seek to deny them what they want if it fits into the Society's philosophy (which it clearly does).
        > As for me, I am delighted that the Society can provide recognition and honor for many of the true pioneers of the Society. It costs the Society virtually nothing to do this, but it gives a place to men who were barbershopping before many of us were able to tie our own shoes. They have earned the right to be recognized and honored without rancor, suspicion or bitterness.
        > I invite everyone to join me as viewing this move as positive and healinig, not negative and divisive. The celebration of diversity within the Society is something we should be doing more, not less. While many may not agree with BQPA's methods, they are not bound to follow them. That's what choice is all about, isn't it?
        > Time to lighten up and remeber that we all joined to sing. Some choose to sing certain songs certain ways and to encapsulate the Society in a certain time frame. The real threat to the Society is the possibility that some members may prevent this from happening under the guise of . . . what?
        > Welcome, BQPA . . . and may you experience every possible success for your program. Know that guys like me are very aware of your past contributions and understand your wanting to be associated with things that make you feel comfortable and valued. I am pleased to see this affiliation beginning to take shape.
        > Ev Nau

        Scott Crevier
        De Pere, Wisconsin, USA
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