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Re: [bbshop] April Fools Day Stuff

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  • allegromom@aol.com
    Yes, Jay, when the barbershop world thinks serious side of life , yours is the very FIRST name that comes to mind.... I have more April Fools pranks than Jay
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2006
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      Yes, Jay, when the barbershop world thinks "serious side of life", yours is
      the very FIRST name that comes to mind....

      I have more April Fools' pranks than Jay and Drayton have lame jokes, but
      the one I enjoyed the most was in 1995. My brother, T.J., and his
      then-partner, Waman, were moving into their new home that weekend. (April 1st was a
      Saturday that year, too). In addition, my brother was in charge of implementing a
      new phone system at his place of business, (a large software distribution
      company here in Atlanta) on Friday, March 31st. Having suffered a painful
      history of victimhood of my wild and crazy pranks, he begged and pleaded with me
      to, "PLEEEEASE, don't do anything that would mess up my company's phone
      system....I'll lose my job.....please, swear to me you won't....", etc. Of
      course, I gave him my word.

      It did, however, provide the inspiration for another type of phone prank.
      Somehow (not sure what story I gave), I persuaded Waman to give me T.J.'s
      Social Security Number. I then called Bell South, said I was "Mrs. T.J. Norman"
      and verified the same by providing his SSN, gave some story about our having
      to be out of town unexpectedly for an extended period of time, and asked if
      it would be possible to remotely activate Call Forwarding, so that calls to
      our home would be sent to us in Nebraska. (I was living in Omaha at the time.)
      Sure enough, they instructed me how to do it, gave me a personal access
      code, and I was on my way to one of the most entertaining weekends I've had in a

      On Saturday morning (April 1st), I began re-routing my brother's calls to
      points all over the United States....my house, my parents' house, his friends'
      houses...pretty much anywhere. By sending them to other people's homes, it
      was a secondary "April Fools" to them - they all knew my brother and had to
      wonder why in the world they were getting his calls. Of course, when the calls
      came to my house for a while, I took the opportunity to somehow let the
      caller know I was T.J.'s "girlfriend on the side", which had to leave mouths
      gaping, as my brother has never had a girlfriend in his adult life.

      I let the game go on for the better part of the weekend, then finally fessed
      up. He has never let me forget it and has vowed revenge, but after eleven
      years, I'm not worried......

      Okay - let's hear some more tales - I need some fresh inspiration for next

      Anita Norman, whose lack of familiarity with the "Serious Side of Life" led
      to a job with a bunch of singing Chickens

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      jaydeb@... writes:

      Are there any stories, that you can tell, about April Fools Day pranks?

      We tend to lean more towards the serious side of life and would not
      entertain such tomfoolery, but I know others do.


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