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Re: [bbshop] Barbershop IN Brass

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  • Skip Gundlach
    Well, I seem to have a talent for stirring things up... From: Joe De Felice ... I have little doubt that many (how many only those
    Message 1 of 37 , Mar 1, 2006
      Well, I seem to have a talent for stirring things up...

      From: "Joe De Felice" <showglowjoe@...>

      > Really sorry the recording did not satisfy your personal
      > "discriminating" taste, but I think I owe it to friend Roger
      > to tell you that he is a long time barbershopper and
      > I would guess thousands of barbershoppers have enjoyed
      > his Barbershop in Brass album and appearances of his
      > quartet on chapter shows. And at Internationals as well.

      I have little doubt that many (how many only those who have listened to it
      could say) - quite possibly thousands (how many CDs does a gold medal
      quartet sell of any of their recordings?) of barbershoppers - and quite
      possibly others, as well - have enjoyed Roger's recording.

      My taste probably isn't very discriminating - more like eclectic, ranging
      from baroque through 12-tone orchestral, medieval through Robert Shaw
      choral, and barbershop through Bobs and Nylons acappella, to name a few

      However, I far prefer men's barbershop to women's barbershop, in any
      quality, Queen/gold medal/whatever. I readily grant you that listening to a
      Queen quartet's selected specialties beats listening to our pickup quartets
      at Roswell rehearsals - but when I'm shelling out precious bux (I have very
      few, and far less, lately) on buzz (no opportunity to hear it beforehand),
      if I'm disappointed, it's even more so because it didn't live up to my
      (admittedly preconceived notions of what to expect) expectations.

      Let it be noted that I had the same level of disappointment in traveling,
      staying in a hotel, and hearing, on an SAI show, Acoustix what is now many
      years ago, but well after their gold. Not because of their star quality -
      but because I was expecting barbershop, and got very little of it, either in
      the show or afterglow. I went to see them on buzz. My fault. Ditto the
      recording, in both cases.

      I might also point out that the concept (brass arrangements of barbershop)
      was interesting enough to me to seek out any possibility, thus my having
      ordered Barbershop Bones from Don's marvelous catalog. I gave that one away
      after a couple of hearings, too. I guess I'm too discriminating for that,
      as well.

      I probably also carry some unwarranted prejudice to the party, being a low
      brass player (trombone, baritone, tuba), which, among other things, makes me
      a windbag by most folks' descriptions :{))

      So, when I heard ravings of brass arrangements of barbershop, I carried
      several preconceived notions of what I'd hear to the party. It never even
      occurred to me that it would be trumpet on all 4 parts. Had I known that,
      I'd likely have taken a pass, as, it's impossible to make 4 trumpets,
      whether Wynton Marsalis or my son (the other range of the talent spectrum)
      or any other multi-tracking or group sound anything like, for example,
      4Voices or GasHouseGang, two of my favorite groups.

      So, I'm a snob. Sue me. My ear for music has been inalterably ruined by
      top quality barbershop. All this has come at a late date in my musical
      training/experience, having played and sung for 40+ years prior - including
      my being in a show quartet over 30 years ago - to having heard my first
      international medallist. Popular music from my
      childhood/adolescence/college years has largely disappointed me on
      relistening; they have no remote similarity to the accuracy seen at nearly
      all international competitive levels, let alone gold medallists. I listen
      to the Saturday afternoon opera, previously Texaco, and occasionally
      cringe - ya can't say those aren't talented artists...

      So, my discrimination, you might say, knows no bounds...

      > It does not sit well with me, and perhaps others, for you to
      > denigrate a barbershopper or his efforts. No, he is/was
      > not first Trombone with the world-renown Philadelphia
      > Orchestra..... but he is/was First Chair Trumpet (if I recall right),
      > a position of great responsibility and talent.

      If I really did (apparently, it seems, at least to you; I hope not to
      others) convey denigration, I hereby apologize and emphatically state that I
      did not intend to do so.

      I did, however, intend to say that it wasn't my cup of tea. I got a tape of
      The Bobs from someone in this group many years ago. She listened to it, and
      found it wasn't her cup of tea, offering it to the first reader who

      That would have been me. It was through that tape that I got to appreciate
      the other side of the acappella small-group world. So, now I'm an
      enthusiast for many in that side of the world. Did that make her offer a
      denigration of the Bobs? Maybe. I saw it as an opportunity. Thousands of
      people have enjoyed their work, too. But not everyone likes it.

      I already gave away my CD, or I'd offer it here in approbation. I have no
      doubt that many will enjoy it. However, if they're expecting something like
      a brass rendition of Keepsake, they'll do well to sample it before purchase.
      That's all I intended to say about it.

      > As a barbershopper, he has been a singer, quartet man and
      > director of quality and one heck of a guy. If you have gone to
      > Internationals, you no doubt would have spotted him at the
      > revered Purdy Chorale till the wee hours, compiling what has
      > to be one of the greatest recordings of that wonderful part of
      > Barbershop lore. He is a total gentleman and always brings
      > his family to International.

      I have no (no need to, nor desire to) question of Roger's credentials.
      Anyone who's in the Philly has the chops in their discipline, and has my
      total respect. That his family enjoys (must - why would they come??)
      barbershop makes them a family I'm sure I'd enjoy. And, if he'd deign to do
      so with me, I have no doubt that I'd enjoy ripping off some dixieland with

      Meanwhile, as a total aside, my sister's a symphony cellist. Without my
      having mentioned any of the above or preceding, she's asked for all my
      bbshop sheet music when we cast off the lines (soon, so I've already sent it
      to her). Like Roger, she's done a fair amount of 4-track recording of
      herself in other quartet settings. She likes barbershop enough that she
      wants to do some of that.

      Now, I believe that a brass instrument will convey the barbershop sound
      better than a cello. However, I also believe there's no question that her
      instrument has the range, and she has the talent, to lay down the tracks in
      the order they make sense, doing all the tuning adjustments a string
      instrument can do (like a trombone; nearly impossible in other brass
      instruments) to make it fit the "ideal" male barbershop range. I'm looking
      forward to hearing her work. Regardless of quality, I'm sure it will sound
      about like I expect. I didn't get that in the subject work, which was
      entirely my fault for not doing the required homework...


      Skip, back to directing my efforts to getting on the boat

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    • DTM
      ... Alan made that up. He wouldn t know Nellie from Jessica Alba. From what I ve heard, the guys from Gotcha! don t even know what Polecats are, let alone how
      Message 37 of 37 , Mar 3, 2006
        --- In bbshop@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Slacke" <durhamchorus@...> wrote:
        > Alan,
        > You guys really sing that old stuff? As written?
        > I wonder if those old-timey sectarian BQPA guys have actually heard
        > your quartet sing? :)
        > Ah, it wouldn't matter. Everyone after the 4 Hearsemen sound all
        > alike anyway...
        > <LOL>
        > Chris

        Alan made that up. He wouldn't know Nellie from Jessica Alba. From
        what I've heard, the guys from Gotcha! don't even know what Polecats
        are, let alone how to sing them.

        And they ALL sound like Keepsake, every champ since the new judging
        system was put into place. Especially those guys from Realtime, they
        sound so much like Gotcha!/Platinum/4 Voices/FRED/GHG...the list goes
        on and on.

        Really guys, can't you champ-types get it together and stop sounding
        so much alike? Get your own style! Sheesh!

        :::rolling eyes:::
        :::dripping sarcasm:::

        (I feel it necessary to point these things out because I can't chance
        anyone here thinking anything I said above is serious.)

        Daryl T. Meek
        Lead, The Hepcat Social Trio
        Frank Thorne, M-AD, BHS
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