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Re: National Anthem - One More Time

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  • Graham Fagan
    Well , I haven t seen anyone from North of the 49th reply to Bob Patterson s query yet .....so here s my opinion ......I thought operatic singer Ben Heppner
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 28, 2006
      Well , I haven't seen anyone from North of the 49th reply to Bob
      Patterson's query yet .....so here's my opinion ......I thought operatic
      singer Ben Heppner did a magnificent job on our National Anthem in both
      languages .....If he missed a note somewhere , I didn't hear it ......I was
      just so pleased to hear it treated as it should be , rather than that limpid
      orchestral version played at the medal ceremonies .....Bob Johnson , who
      loved the Canadian Anthem , would have totally enjoyed the majestic
      presentation .....That's the way he directed it from the stage in Philly in
      For those not aware , Canada is oficially a bilingual country and just
      like French and English are the languages of the Olymics , the same holds
      true for Canada ......Some people learn both languages and will sing it in
      English , or French , or a little of each .....I personally choose the
      latter ( as did Ben Heppner , and by doing so he also recognized the
      official Olympic languages ) .
      My Chorus ( MegaCity ) had to cut a demo last summer and we chose to do
      the two National Anthems .......If you want to hear our presentation ( both
      in English ) , simply go to our new website megacitychorus . com
      delete the spaces ) and have a listen .....For those South of the border ,
      we certainly hope you approve of our rendition of the SSB .

      Graham Fagan
      Greater Toronto Chapter
      MegaCity Chorus ( Singing 10th in Indy )
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