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  • Jim Dodge
    Hi everyone! Planning to vacation in New England this summer? Why not try to schedule it around Harmony College Northeast in August. We have put together an
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      Hi everyone!
      Planning to vacation in New England this summer? Why not try to schedule it
      around Harmony College Northeast in August. We have put together an
      outstanding summer school that you might not want to miss.

      Let's start with the staff! Included as teachers and coaches will be:

      ** BSQ, last summer's third place medallists in Kansas City
      ** Riptide, who finished sixth last year and promise to be at least
      medallists this year
      ** Saturday Evening Post, last summer's mike testers for the finalist

      Also on staff are the Northeastern District's finest quartets including
      Northeast Connection, Club NED, Overdrive, and Road Show.

      Is that enough to get your attention? How about adding the accompanying
      Harmony Explosion Camp with 90+ high school boys melding into a chorus and
      providing entertainment on the Saturday Night Show. Plus an International
      quartet as yet unnamed who will be helping at the HX camp and will appear on
      the show. The show itself will be worth the trip and it comes with the
      price of tuition.

      You want more? You might want to consider bringing your quartet to be
      coached by the likes of Gary Parker and Brian Beck and Rich Lewellen. All
      quartet coaching will be by the POD system so successfully used at Harmony
      College. What's that? Four quartets of similar ability will be grouped
      with four coaches who will confer and create a coaching strategy that will
      be consistent throughout the weekend. Limit: 16 quartets!

      Sounds pretty good so far but what's the cost? Tuition is $120 for the
      weekend which includes room and board. And the cafeteria is to die for! It
      has a burger bar, a salad bar, a pizza station, as well as the standard
      fare. And ice cream!!!!!!

      OK, where is it? We will be at Fitchburg State College, about 40 miles
      outside Boston near the New Hampshire border. This is a new venue for us
      and promises to be the best yet. We have access to a full computer lab
      (limit 24) for the special computer course our district webmeister will be
      teaching. All the classrooms will be air-conditioned. The auditorium seats
      800 so we have plenty of room for all of you at the big Saturday Night Show.
      And the free afterglow (for participants) will run until every quartet being
      coached and on staff has had a chance to sing.

      Oh, yeah, the dates! August 10-12, 2001.

      After you read the included course descriptions and think you might want to
      attend, reply to this email and we'll send you a Registration Form by email.
      Or, if you want to register directly, go to www.nedistrict.org, click on
      Schools, then Harmony College Northeast, and you can register on-line. And
      pay on-line!

      Thanks for spending a few minutes with us to get the flavor of what we are
      trying to do. We hope you agree that this is a nice combination. A
      vacation in historic New England coupled with a wonderful staff of quartet
      men teaching us the stuff that makes our hobby so special to us. And then
      appearing in show no one will want to miss!

      Don't want to rush you, but before I go you must know that we have only 300
      beds to sell so don't take too long to decide.

      Jim Dodge
      NED DVP - Music & Performance
      Director - Portsmouth (NH) Yankee Clipper Chorus
      Bass - Mann, Dewey, Ringem & Howe
      Phone - (603-749-2084)
      Fax - (603-749-2084)

      Harmony College Northeast – 2001


      HC-5 Build a Creative Warm-up for Your Chorus Fri Eve 2 hrs

      Tired of the same old warm-up routine? Is half your chorus showing up late
      just so they won't have to stand there week after week doing the same dull
      warm-ups done every week? Run out of ideas to make your warm-up time at
      rehearsal more creative, interesting, and, dare I say, your singers’ new
      favorite part of the rehearsal? Well, this class is offered for exactly
      that reason. Come and take this class, apply the new things you've learned
      at your next rehearsal, and you'll be amazed at the response you'll get from
      the singers on the risers. Rick Spencer, about-to-be graduate of Uconn and
      fantastic tenor of Road Show will be your guide.

      HC-6 The Singing Sensation (what it FEELS like to sing with resonance
      and proper placement) Fri Eve

      This course is designed to explore, learn, and understand what it FEELS like
      to conquer those age-old terms that we always hear bantered about, but
      seldom come away truly understanding. Upon completion of this course, each
      singer will possess a new physical awareness of what it means, and more
      importantly, feels like to sing with resonance and proper placement. What
      are resonance and placement really all about anyway???... You will finally
      have the answers!!! Each of these will be explored in detail using the
      major vowel sounds as examples upon which a proper production-singing base
      can be built. The end-result will also provide you a means to INTERPRET
      music simply through the awareness of these concepts... it really isn't
      magic!!! You'll wonder why you never heard about this before???... come
      see, and learn and FEEL for yourself!!! Your host – Mike Gabriella, coach
      and singer extraordinaire!

      HC-9 What's Behind the Vocal Majority’s Beautiful, Rich Sound Fri Eve
      2 hrs

      A technical analysis of what makes the Vocal Majority's sound so clean and
      smooth. How they approach word sounds, vowel matching, diphthongs, singable
      and non-singable consonants, energy, flow, and phrasing using handouts and
      participative examples and exercises. A discussion of the reasons behind
      the growth and consistency of the VM. This course taught by Gary Parker,
      bass of the International Champion Dealer’s Choice and charter member of the
      Vocal Majority.

      HC-1,2,3,4 How To Be A Great Tenor, Lead, Baritone, or Bass Fri Eve
      2 hrs

      Come with your questions in mind and be prepared to learn from the best.
      Help improve your personal singing abilities and learn how to be a master of
      your part. The members of BSQ, Riptide, and Saturday Evening Post will teach
      these classes. Be sure to indicate your given voice part on the registration
      form to insure proper placement.

      HC-8 Emceeing Fri Eve 2 hrs

      Join the master, Mike Maino, as he teaches you the tricks and
      responsibilities of the Master of Ceremonies. You will get a chance to
      strut your stuff by introducing one of the groups on the Saturday Night Show
      Afterglow. Altogether now, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      HC-7 Talk to the Judges! Fri Eve 2 hrs

      Ever want to have time to ask questions of the judges? Well, this is it!
      Jeff Selano, Singing Judge and the bass of Riptide; Don Gray, world-class
      arranger and Music Judge; and our own Steve Plumb representing the
      Presentation category will field any question you can throw at them
      concerning the judging system. Make yourself a smarter competitor by
      attending this class.


      HC-10 Quartet Coaching Sat All Day 6 hrs

      Coaching this year will be done in the POD system. This means four quartets
      of similar ability will be assigned to four coaches who will have
      responsibility for only these quartets. The coaches will listen to the
      quartets sing on Friday evening and will join together to come up with a
      coaching strategy for each quartet, then implement that strategy at all
      sessions on Saturday. You gain the benefit of consistency from coach to
      coach. Your coaching staff will include some members of BSQ, Saturday
      Evening Post, Northeast Connection, Club NED, Overdrive, and Road Show, plus
      other district coaches of renown.

      At the conclusion of your evaluation sing, quartets will spend the rest of
      the evening with Bobby Gray, Jr, bari of SEP, learning about the Standing
      Ovation Program and how it will make your performances better.

      HC-12 Arranging From a Piece of Sheet Music Sat All Day 6 hrs

      Do you have just enough musical skills to be able to read a piece of sheet
      music and maybe plunk out a few chords? Then this course could be your
      gateway to arranging. Don Gray, whose arrangements have been sung by
      International Champs for years, has come up with this interesting approach
      to arranging using the clues that appear on a piece of sheet music to guide
      you through the process. If you can identify the notes on the melody line,
      and have a little understanding of the guitar symbols and/or the piano
      then come to this all day session of musical enlightenment. This course
      would be great for directors, music team leaders, and anyone who has ever
      taken music lessons. Plan to bring your own keyboard and headphones.

      HC-13 The Joe Barbershopper Chorus Sat All Day 6 hrs

      Do you sing in a small chorus and wonder what it would be like to sing in a
      large one with 50-60 other guys? We are bringing back the “Joe
      Barbershopper Chorus” which was so popular at Harmony Pilgrimage for years.
      Guiding you through this full day of fun and singing will be Tim Reynolds,
      the lead of Riptide and Assistant Director of the Big Chicken Chorus of
      Marietta, GA, and Gail Jencik, choreographer to the stars and Director of
      the Coastline Show Chorus in Providence. You will receive two songs and a
      learning tape that MUST be learned before attending. Once here, you will
      have the musical day of your life bringing those songs to life and
      presenting them on the Saturday night show.

      HC-11 So You Always Wanted to Be a Chorus Director But Didn’t Know Whom
      to Ask! Sat All Day

      Have you ever watched a Director working and thought that is something you
      could do?
      Have you just enough musical knowledge to be dangerous? Then this new
      course is for you! It will cover 6 basic items: What you need to know, how
      to select music, how to balance a chord, how to position men on the risers,
      what to do with your arms, and pre-meeting preparation. As you know, the
      entire society needs directors. We need you, and we know you will be happy
      you took this course. It can get you started "on the right foot" and lead to
      a very rewarding career as a Chorus Director. Brought to you by Charlie
      Mansfield, resident dean of chorus directors.

      HC-14 Make Your Computer Sing! Sat All Day 6 hrs

      This course will be chock full of hints and how-tos. You will learn how to
      set up your chapter web site, with a member area, sample music, show ticket
      ordering, directions to your rehearsal site, your chapter directory, and
      even your learning tapes. With this course, you can set up to take advantage
      of the Internet to promote your chapter and serve your chapter members. This
      course will have something for everyone, novice to experienced. You will
      also create professional-looking music sheets and play back any combination
      of voices. And, of course, the music you create can be made available to
      Chapter members. Your instructor: NED web guru – Rod Rodriques


      HC-15A & 15P Vocal Techniques Sat AM 3 hrs or Sat PM 3 hrs –
      Register for only 1 session unless you are on the Director’s Certification

      Learn to sing better and improve your vocal production from the very best
      teachers available. Our two lead teachers will be Kevin King, lead of BSQ,
      Jeff Selano, bass of Riptide, and Allen Gasper, lead of Saturday Evening
      Post with support from Dan Signor, Karen Rourke, and David Patterson. Class
      sizes will be limited to allow for one-on-one work.

      HC-18A The Power of Presentation Sat AM 3 hrs

      Do you want to know how to bring a song to life? Do you want to learn the
      basics of presentation for chorus and quartets? Do you want your audiences
      standing up and cheering after every show? Do you want to study
      communication skills that can be used in your performances, your business,
      and your every day life? Then the Power Of Presentation is the course for
      you. We'll study the elements of effective story telling, use of body
      language, how to connect with your audience, and much more. Come and see
      what significant impact you can have once you've harnessed the Power of
      Presentation. Taught by Eric King, tenor of the Top Ten quartet, Riptide.

      HC-20A Sight Reading/ Sight Singing Sat AM 3 hrs

      Music teacher Eric Ruthenberg brings you his course on sight reading music
      for those who want to learn music faster. Expect basic interval training,
      expect work on allowing your ears to help you sing to the scale, and expect
      lots of help on reading barbershop music. If Sight Reading is your need,
      why not try Sing a Stack of Songs in the afternoon for more practice!

      HC-16A Understanding the LINGO on the Judges Forms and Bringing It to
      Life Sat AM 3 hrs

      Review the terms on the Official Judging Form and learn how to make them
      work in your favor. Begin to understand what “Common Ground” means. Audio
      and video examples will be used so you can see and hear what the judges see
      and hear and, from that, learn how to improve your performances. Taught by
      Joan Ross, Certified Presentation Judge for Harmony, Incorporated.

      HC-22A History of the Northeastern District with Bob and Doc Sat AM 3

      Now this is a course that you don’t want to miss! NED Legends Bob Dunning
      and Doc Sause are going to sit down and talk to you about what it was like
      to work with the Four Rascals, the Boston Common, and the Four Statesmen.
      In fact, Doc is the bari of the Four Statesmen so how much more authentic
      can we get. Find out what it was like in the early days of our district and
      how barbershop has developed from those early days. All good things are
      built on a strong foundation and Bob and Doc can tell you how that
      foundation was built in NED. Learn where we all came from in this
      barbershop community. And here’s the first question you can ask of Bob
      Dunning, “What’s the East Lynn song and how did it get its name?”


      HC-19P Your Perfect Chorus Rehearsal Sat PM 3 hrs

      How do you turn guests into faithful members? How do you sustain excellent
      morale in your chorus? How do you balance development with fun, director
      lead activities and quartet singing, section rehearsals with woodshedding,
      etc??? Come and see how your chorus rehearsal can be transformed into the
      thrill of your weeknights!! Find out how your chorus rehearsal can be used
      more effectively to reach your chorus's goals. Learn how programming can
      impact member retention, team morale and invigorate your membership
      campaigns. Join us in building your Perfect Chorus Rehearsal. This course
      brought to you by Eric King, tenor of sixth-place International quartet,

      HC-17P How to Plan and Teach Choreography Sat PM 3 hrs

      Learn how to develop a visual presentation that supports and enhances the
      vocal presentation and the story of the song. Learn what skills you need to
      get your performing ensemble to learn quickly, to buy into the visual
      planning, and to do it believably. You will practice within the group by
      teaching each other the choreography plan you developed. This gem of a
      course is brought to you by Joan Ross in her own inimitable teaching style.

      HC-21P Young Men in Harmony Sat PM 3 hrs

      YMIH is one of the most important programs the Society offers because it
      guarantees our future. And no one has done more to implement that program
      in NED that Eric Ruthenberg, bari of District Champ Overdrive. If you want
      to share in the goldmine of information Eric has developed on this topic,
      join him and see how you can get your own YMIH program going in your
      chapter. Learn how to reach out to music teachers in your area and how to
      talk to them. Bring YMIH to your part of the world.

      HC-24A & 24P Barbershop Potpourri Sat AM/ Sat PM 3 hrs Pick either –
      Material repeated in both

      “We need to balance that chord!” “The bari is on the root!” “That’s a
      Chinese 7th!” These and other statements pop out of directors or coaches
      mouths and, too often, fall on unknowing ears. Want to correct that? This
      is the course to take. Learn something about the theory behind barbershop
      and why and how chords “ring!” Your instructor will be Rick Spencer, recent
      graduate of Uconn and super tenor of Raodshow.

      HC-26P Sing A Stack-A-Songs Sat PM 3 hrs

      Read through a stack of recently published songs so that you can hear what
      they sound like and be able to judge for yourself as to whether or not you'd
      like to sing them in your chorus or quartet. Ernie Johansen will lead this
      popular class. Ability to sight-read music is a plus!

      HC-25P Understanding The Judging System Sat PM 3 hrs

      Find out everything that you ever wanted to know about our Society judging
      system. Speak to actual judges. Pick their brains. Watch them score videos
      of contest performances. Join in and score some yourself. This course is for
      anyone who is interested in becoming a judge or who just wishes to gain a
      better understanding of our SPEBSQSA judging system.

      HC-23P There’s No Business Like Show Business Sat PM 3 hrs

      Want to know how to put on a great annual show? Let Mike Maino, the man
      behind those terrific Providence shows, show you how. Mike will guide you
      through the various stages of show preparation which he calls Laying the
      Ground Work, T & A (Haven’t a clue! You’ll have to ask Mike!), Setting the
      Stage, and Break a Leg! Now is that enticing enough for you to want to
      attend? Clearly, you annual show will be happier!
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