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NEW Revival CD!

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    FINALLY! Revival would like to announce the release of our long awaited, SECOND and LAST recording, Joyfully, I ll Travel On . Just in time for Christmas!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      Revival would like to announce the release of our long awaited, SECOND and
      LAST recording, "Joyfully, I'll Travel On". Just in time for Christmas!
      "Hey, didn't you retire?", you ask.
      Yes, we are still retiring, however our show schedule has us performing
      chapter shows thru May 2005 and we are proud (and relieved) to release a CD
      that will display GREAT -never recorded- arrangements by David Wright, Dave
      Briner, Jay Giallombardo, Ruby Rhea, Ed Waesche and our tenor, Royce
      Ferguson to name a few.
      Songs include: Sugarcane Jubilee; Joyfully, I'll Travel On; Something's
      Gotta Give; Naughty Angeline; There's A Meetin' Here Tonight; the
      spectacular, This Ole House; the sultry, As Time Goes By (with piano); The
      More I See You; With A Song In My Heart/The Song Is You Medley; a Suntones
      favorite, Pass Me By; They Didn't Believe Me/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Medley
      and the never performed "bonus track" entitled, Willow Weep For Me (hint:
      read the liner notes to find out why).
      "Hmmm...shouldn't you release a recording before you officially retire?",
      you ask.
      Marketing, schmarketing!...Where's Todd Wilson when you need him?
      Here's how to order: (CD's only)
      1. Secure Online: Go to our web site at www. RevivalQT .com (take out
      spaces) and click on the Web Store Button and follow the directions. We take
      VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Credit cards.
      2. E-Mail: Send your order quantity, and type, credit card # (at your own
      risk), expiration date and street address, plus phone # to: MikeL@ RevivalQT
      .com (take out spaces).
      3. Snail Mail: Send a "Check" made to Revival at 9779 San Diego St., Spring
      Valley, CA 91977 or call us at: (619) 472-5049 or (619) 624-9500 ext 318.
      Provide order quantity and type, street address (if different than on the
      check) and phone #.
      4. Come to one of our upcoming shows!
      * If you'd like yours autographed, please attach a note. Please allow 4
      weeks for delivery.

      Our Show dates:
      November 5-6, 2004 Binghampton, NY
      April 15-16, 2005 Bryn Mawr "Mainliners", PA
      April 29-30, 2005 Westchester County, NY
      May 29-30, 2005 Memorial Day Bash, San Diego, CA
      Also avaiable is our first recording, "Revival!", (CD's and cassette tapes)
      and other Revival featured recordings, "Can't Stop Singing" (CD and Video
      tape), "Barbershop's Best" (CD only). All CD's are $15, Cassette Tapes are
      $10 and Video's are $20 plus shipping . If you buy one of each at the same
      time, enjoy a $5 savings. Also we'll include a FREE 8 Track tape of FRED
      (just kidding, who cares about FRED?)!
      Seriously, we hope you'll enjoy it as we joyfully, travel on!
      Royce Ferguson, Mike Spencer, Mike Lawton, Bill Myers
      1998 International Champions
      P.S. Any barbershop/a cappella radio shows that would like to play
      "Joyfully..." please send your contact info to:
      MikeL @ RevivalQT .com (take out the spaces).
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