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RE: [bbshop] Re: A barbershop challenge

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  • John McCallum
    Since we re on the subject of Disney songs here, there s a piece in Beauty and the Beast called Gaston that s got some really nice chord progressions in
    Message 1 of 69 , Sep 2, 2004
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      Since we're on the subject of Disney songs here, there's a piece in
      "Beauty and the Beast" called "Gaston" that's got some really nice chord
      progressions in it, and a great bridge...

      ..not to mention a cool little shuffle from "Aristocats" called
      "Everybody wants to be a Cat."

      I think both of those would make good barbershop.

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      I have "A Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me (Us)" from Aladdin
      arranged by Gillingham, and "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid by

      All fun stuff.

      Tom Schleier
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    • Chris Rimple
      Greetings, Burt. Being under 40 and a big fan of modern alternative music, I would love to see some of those songs re-arranged in the barbershop style. Don t
      Message 69 of 69 , Sep 26, 2004
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        Greetings, Burt. Being under 40 and a big fan of modern alternative music,
        I would love to see some of those songs re-arranged in the barbershop style.
        Don't get me wrong, the old songs are great, and I have a particular
        fondness for the pre-rock early 50's quartets (Four Freshmen, etc.). But
        there's been a ton of good music written in the last few decades, it's just
        a matter of where you look.

        The swing dance revival has given us a variety of lesser-known bands that
        are producing barbershop-friendly original music, much of it with messages
        that are consistent with the nostalgic themes in the old songs. Indigo
        Swing, The Eddie Reed Orchestra, and even some of Brian Setzer's work falls
        into this category. "Let's Live It Up", a Brian Setzer tune, has a
        wonderfully positive and funny message that's just begging to be arranged
        for a quartet.

        Similarly, there are lyrical gems on the edge of the pop world, where some
        of the most creative wordsmiths of the modern era live. Morrissey, XTC, The
        The, Billy Bragg, Joe Jackson, World Party, and some others fall into this
        group. XTC's "I'd Like That" is a simple little lovesong that paints images
        of bicycle rides in the rain and other goodness that could have been taken
        straight from the old songs.

        Another genre with excellent songwriting and barbershop potential is modern
        folk and soft rock, including artists like the Indigo Girls, Sarah
        Mclachlan, the Sundays, the Proclaimers, and others. Country music isn't
        something I listen to, but I'm sure there are some appropriate songs there
        as well. And, finally, there are some comedy gems by Mojo Nixon, Martin
        Mull, and even Adam Sandler that, while of occasional questionable "good
        taste", could still be appropriate in the right setting.

        Having recently been thinking about forming a quartet, the issue of song
        selection has been on my mind. If you'd like specific song recommendations,
        I'd be happy to compile a list of those I feel are appropriate.

        Chris Rimple
        Vice President - Marketing & PR, NW Sound
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