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Turning People on to Barbershop (was Re: [bbshop] PLATINUM barbershop? (was PLATINUM rules))

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  • CASAJersey@aol.com
    Hello All.... If it wasn t for the message before this, which maintains that Acoustix Sold Out , and doesn t include much barbershop now, I wouldn t be
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
      Hello All....

      If it wasn't for the message before this, which maintains that Acoustix "Sold Out", and doesn't include much barbershop now, I wouldn't be posting.

      Admittedly, I'm a "dyed in the wool" Contemporary person. My first real experience hearing or seeing barbershop was at my first East Coast A Cappella Summit (1998), where I saw Acoustix. If it wasn't for that, I would have never continued on to being involved with the "Applause" show, and never went on to having my own radio show. I'm now in the process of seeking a partner to share my show with, someone who is as involved with the barbershop community as I am in the contemporary one. I still don't own much barbershop, but what I've received recently for my show has for the most part been wonderful (Michigan Jake <For the Record's getting some repeat plays, something rare for me and a barbershop CD>, Excalibur, Signature Sound, Rumors, and others). If it wasn't for Acoustix being "ambassadors" for barbershop, I'd remain, like some in the contemporary community, rather closed minded to barbershop, writing it off as boring, old-fashioned, or worse.

      Folks, talent is talent. Good singers are good singers. Different styles are great in their own way. I like working with barbershoppers in various projects, because their passion for their hobby is in many ways even more intense than mine. But, I just had to share my $0.02. If you want more, ask someone to get you a copy of my article in the February 2000 Contemporary A Cappella News.

      In Harmony,

      :-) Rich Pearson
      CASA North Jersey Ambassador
      and host in waiting of....
      The "Vocal Maximum" Radio Show

      In a message dated Thu, 1 Mar 2001 12:36:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, fv10rchid@... writes:

      << >>>
      > I absolutely loved Platinum's first album, and the reaction it's induced in
      > others has been tremendous. I'll always remember playing the CD at a small
      > seminar I was giving on a cappella singing, and a woman who had never heard
      > barbershop before was so moved that she absolutely had to buy the copy I
      > had, used and all at full price! >>
      > But, has she really yet heard barbershop? She might have liked the real
      > thing even more.
      > Sorry, the devil made me do it!
      Grant, if this recording turns her on to 'real' barbershop down the road,
      what's the harm in that?

      Peggy B2, tenor
      SAI Region 22
      Fox Valley Chorus

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