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Transferring barbershop LPs to CD-R via your PC

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  • Mike Barkley
    I ve been collecting vinyl (and 78 rpm) barbershop for a few years now but haven t played them because I wanted to get a decent turntable first. The time came,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
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      I've been collecting vinyl (and 78 rpm) barbershop for a few years now but
      haven't played them because I wanted to get a decent turntable first.
      The time came, so after looking around yet one more time I picked up
      a Denon DP-DJ151 Direct Drive Digital Turntable. It handles 33, 45,
      and 78s, has a built-in preamp and thus a switchable line out/audio
      out for analog, as well as a digital out. Denon's home site says buying
      from an unauthorized online dealer will void the warranty and doesn't
      list any "pro audio" online dealers. But since an offline dealer is
      "Guitar Center", I went to their web page
      http://www.guitarcenter.com , clicked on their "buy online" button,
      which is "Guitar Vision", which is "Musician's Friend", and with the
      DJ151 showing there for $299.99 with ZERO shipping or sales tax,
      I popped for it. There are some cheaper sites, but I don't think
      they're authorized.
      is the product brochure ("The DP-DJ151 allows you to record directly to
      CD-R, MiniDisc or a hard disk device through it's exclusive coaxial
      digital output"), and
      are the operating instructions

      I've hooked the turntable "line out" to my computer using the supplied
      analog cables with a Y-cable to a stereo miniplug, plugging that into my
      mother board "line in" (see specs for my computer at
      and for the board itself at
      http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/document.jhtml?lc=en&docName=bph07293&prodId=hppavilion62752 )
      (I think). I picked up a decent LP/45 stylus cartridge at my local
      Guitar Center and am still shopping for the right 78 cartridge. I also
      picked up a diskwasher system. So, my computer is now a record player,
      and I can play barbershop on my computer's speakers as well as write
      CDs (legal, for my use only of course) from them on it's CD-writer.

      The digital feature seemed an interesting addition. Digital needs an
      RCA coax cable and SPDIF port on whatever you're gonna plug it into.
      I've played around with an Edirol USB-Digital UA-1D USB Audio Interface
      ( http://www.audiomidi.com/common/cfm/product.cfm?Product_ID=1934 )
      but haven't yet gotten it to work and I may be barking up the wrong
      tree with it (adding the right soundcard and audio editor should do
      the trick).

      I had actually figured I'd pick up a suitable mini system and CD burner
      after I read all the Denon instructions to make sure I got the right
      setup, etc., so being able to use it with my computer was a nice surprise.

      Here is a very impressive site on using your computer to make CDs from
      your LPs:

      Transferring LPs to CDR: Some Advice

      As he says, "It only makes sense to use a computer if you're planning
      to try and clean up the signals on your LPs. If you're happy with the
      way they sound, and you just want to transfer them to a more convenient
      medium or to preserve them, then involving a computer in the process is
      fairly pointless. If you do want to clean up your LPs (ie. remove noise,
      clicks and pops) then a computer is really the only affordable way."

      I guess the right sound card and some CoolEdit imitator is in my future.

      Some other interesting stuff:

      The Genesis Of Vinyl Stereo Record In Brief

      "Musonic welcomes you to the most comprehensive site on the Internet
      specialising in Styli, Pickup Cartridges and Record Accessories." Wow.

      "the Sony and Philips Digital Interconnect Format" discussed
      - - -
      I remain puzzled by the apparent background cat fight among QuickTime,
      RealOne, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch Jukebox for dominance
      on my computer - this may seem strange but they were all here when I
      bought the darn thing and updating any one of them does interesting
      things to the other 3, making CD burning an ever-changing (and
      occasionally frustrating) experience - and JukeBox seems
      to be written in a "don't do what I say, do what I mean" style, Grrr.
      Hope CoolEdit or whatever is easier to use than that.

      Comments/suggestions on all this are quite welcome. Shelley?

      All the best,

      --Mike Barkley, 161 N. Sheridan Ave. #1, Manteca, CA 95336 (H) 209/823-4817
      mjbarkl@... - bass, KaBLaM!
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